One Quiet Week!

"Really...MORE pictures???"

We have had such a quiet week. Kellen and I ran errands trying to get everything ready for our big trip this week. I also managed to clean the whole house this week...I think I am finally getting the hang of life with a child! :) On Saturday we took Grandma Dee to the airport...she went home to Montana for a visit! We sure wish we could have we could have gone with her! Today Mimi and Papa came for a visit! Kellen was showing them how he can roll over and how good he is grabbing the toys! Matt took this whole week off so we are looking forward to hanging out with Daddy!!!

Later this week we leave for Indiana for Matt's cousin Linda's wedding. We are looking forward to seeing everyone and introducing Kellen to Matt's family. We will get to see Grandma Marquitta, she has not seen Kellen since he was about two weeks old! He has changed so much, so it will be fun for her to get to see him!

We are leaving very early in the morning and making the LONG (8 to 10 hours) drive with Uncle Andy, Aunt Crystal, and Cousin Ansley. It should be an experience traveling with a 4 month old and a 3 1/2 year old on such a long trip. My mom says that I will probably be the worst since I HATE to be in the car for much more than an hour! I am always the one to say "Are we there YET" and yes it is in the whiny voice of a child! :) I am starting a summer class this week so I will have lots of reading to keep me busy in the car...maybe that will help pass the time, hope it is interesting! ;) I am looking forward to posting pictures from the wedding. Kellen has the cutest outfit!

We go to the Dr on Wednesday for Kellen's 4 month check up! I am excited to see how much he has grown! Look forward to that post soon! :)

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  1. He is such a good mix of you both..he is handsome. Let me know how that road trip goes...I am going to Hilton Head in June with SS by myself...a little nervous!


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