Kellen is 21 Months! :o)

So I totally missed Kellen turning 20 months!  I just can't believe how much he is changing.  He is really thinning out and is such a little boy!  He has no fear!  Just the other night he dove off the couch onto Daddy (head first)!!!  I am thinking he may just give me a nervous break down one day!  :o)

A while back we went to his Speech evaluation and they said he was not eligible for the program because he does not really show any signs of a speech delay.  At this age there is such a wide range of vocab and Kellen is saying or trying to say at least 5 words.  It was fun to watch them test him.  He was so busy, but as soon as they would ask him a question he would answer it.  The did tell us that his attention span is very advanced for his age!  :o)  They were so sad they were not going to get to work with Kellen.  They said he was a very sweet boy.  They said that if there was not much of a change when he is two then we can bring him back and have him evaluated again!  He is talking more and more these days...still not a lot of words, but he has added "uh-oh" and "oh wow"!  Now when we talk to him he will talk back in gibberish, but he is really trying to talk!

He LOVES the outdoors.  I think that he would rather spend the entire day outside.  There is a park that is right down the street that they just finished redoing and he loves it.  I love it too because there is only one way out and one way in so he can run free!  There is also a pond with a lot of ducks and a few geese too!  A couple weeks ago we found a turtle and Kellen didn't want to touch it!  :o)

He is still eating pretty much anything we sit in front of him!  He really likes Grandma Keeta's spaghetti!  :o)  He is still taking one nap and will sleep 2 to 3 hours...BUT we are learning if he doesn't get down by 1 pm then he doesn't go down very easy.  We still have the same bedtime routine.  We have added a few songs here and there, but other than that he will sleep 11-12 hours a night.  He is wearing a 2T now and we finally moved him up to a size 5 diaper.  He is wearing a size 7 1/2 shoe.  I think that he has hit another growth spurt because his new jeans are already getting shorter!!!  Slow down please!

The other day I started to sing Ring Around the Rosie and Kellen started spinning...when I got to "Ashes, Ashes, we all fall down" he sat down.  Matt and I started laughing because we had not taught him that!  I asked the girls at the church daycare that he goes to on Tuesday mornings while I am at bible-study and they are the ones that taught him that!  He really has learned a lot from them!  I think he enjoys playing with the other kids!  I am sad that this Tuesday will be my last one until the winter session starts.

Last weekend we headed to Cagle's Farm!  It was so much fun (besides the event that we just won't talk about).  My mom, Deanna and Charles, The Goodwald Family, and Andy and Ansley all went with us.  We went on a Farm tour which included seeing how they milk the cows (or used to, they are not a dairy farm anymore), then we did the a tour of the processing plant, a hayride, and then we got to feed some very FAT goats, and calves.  We ate some lunch and then walked the corn maze.  Kellen enjoyed just running free!

I will share pictures of all our fall fun at the farm and our Halloween festivities later this week.  

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