4 Months

Can you believe it? I sure can't Kellen is 4 months old today! We went to the Dr today and she said that he is PERFECT!!! He weighs 17 pounds and 4 ounces. He is 26 1/4 inches long...One BIG boy! He was so happy and trying to grab everything as the Dr was checking him out. Kellen has found his voice in the last couple of days. He sounds like a dinosaur or something as he screeches! :) It is so funny....I will try to get some video of it! He is now rolling over...every time we put him on the floor...his feet are up in the air and he is rolling over. Once he gets on his tummy he lifts his head up high and looks around. He gets so frustrated when it does not work quite right!

I have been enjoying my time with him so much. I have officially started to look for a job. As my time comes to an end at home I am having some mixed feelings! For now I continue to try and focus on the time that I do and have been able to spend with him! :) We leave early for Indiana in the morning! I am so looking forward to sharing pictures from our weekend! I have a million more things to do before I am able to get some sleep so I better get a move on it! :)


One Quiet Week!

"Really...MORE pictures???"

We have had such a quiet week. Kellen and I ran errands trying to get everything ready for our big trip this week. I also managed to clean the whole house this week...I think I am finally getting the hang of life with a child! :) On Saturday we took Grandma Dee to the airport...she went home to Montana for a visit! We sure wish we could have we could have gone with her! Today Mimi and Papa came for a visit! Kellen was showing them how he can roll over and how good he is grabbing the toys! Matt took this whole week off so we are looking forward to hanging out with Daddy!!!

Later this week we leave for Indiana for Matt's cousin Linda's wedding. We are looking forward to seeing everyone and introducing Kellen to Matt's family. We will get to see Grandma Marquitta, she has not seen Kellen since he was about two weeks old! He has changed so much, so it will be fun for her to get to see him!

We are leaving very early in the morning and making the LONG (8 to 10 hours) drive with Uncle Andy, Aunt Crystal, and Cousin Ansley. It should be an experience traveling with a 4 month old and a 3 1/2 year old on such a long trip. My mom says that I will probably be the worst since I HATE to be in the car for much more than an hour! I am always the one to say "Are we there YET" and yes it is in the whiny voice of a child! :) I am starting a summer class this week so I will have lots of reading to keep me busy in the car...maybe that will help pass the time, hope it is interesting! ;) I am looking forward to posting pictures from the wedding. Kellen has the cutest outfit!

We go to the Dr on Wednesday for Kellen's 4 month check up! I am excited to see how much he has grown! Look forward to that post soon! :)


Dining Room

Welcome to my Dining Room! It is one of my favorite rooms in the house. I love the color...Bing Cherry! Enjoy the tour!

The view from the sitting room.

My wine rack...my husband got this for me for Christmas one year. I really would like to redo it as the paint on the top is pealing off. I would love to give it a distressed look, but not sure as to what color I would do. Any suggestions?

The view from the kitchen ...I love the fact that the sitting room and dining room are really one BIG room! I do have to say though that these two rooms are mostly used by tour two cats, Skyler and Holly.

These are two of my favorite wedding gifts that we received. The candle sticks were a gift from my in-laws...they are from Tiffany's...It was so fun to open a "blue box". It was one of those gifts that you would never buy yourself . The vase was a splurge item that I had added to the registry at Macy's. It is a Kate Spade...I didn't think that we would really get it, but I loved it! Matt's best friends mother bought it for me! I felt so spoiled. :)

Thanks for taking the tour...for more great dining rooms check out Kelly's Korner.


Celebrating 3 Years!!!

On one hand it feels like yesterday that we were walking down the isle, but on the other it feels like we have been together forever. I could not imagine my life with out him. Matt planned a very special night for us. He really stepped outside of his little box. As part of my Mother's day/Anniversary gift I got to go my hair and toes done! It was so wonderful to pamper myself! :) So Friday night my mom and I went to go get our toes done...it felt so good to sit in the spa chair...my feet were in desperate need! Then on Sat I went and had my makeup done and played with some colors...then off to get my hair done. I love when they shampoo your hair...I could have fallen asleep. The girl that does my hair had just found out she was having a boy this September so we had a lot to talk about! :) Matt had kept our dinner plans a surprise. All that I knew was that it was a Moroccan restaurant and to wear something comfortable because we would be sitting on the floor!

Matt came home from getting his hair cut and brought me flowers...a dozen roses to be exact (they are beautiful)! Then we got ready to go. Grandma Dee kept Kellen for us...we didn't have to ask her twice.

We went to Imperial Fez and it was the neatest experience. When you walk in you have to take your shoes off...note to self next time I will take socks, I got a little grossed out walking barefoot on their floor. The restaurant was very romantic with fabric draped all over and the lighting at just the right brightness. We ordered a pitcher of Marrakesh or what our waitress explained as happy juice...she said "it will make you a good happy, not a crazy happy"! They were very yummy! Then we started looking at the menu and exploring our options.

It is a five course meal and you have to choose your entree...there were too many yummy options. I narrowed it down to the prime rib and Matt picked the chicken kabob's. The waitress laughed and told him "really that is what you want, you can get kabob's anywhere"! But you have to understand that going to this restaurant was WAY out of Matt's comfort zone! Soon a guy came over to us to wash our hands and gave us a towel. He explained that they eat with their hands and encourage their guests to as well. So he told us to put our towel over our left shoulder and to eat with our right hand with your thumb and first two fingers (I did this for the most part, but it was very weird).

The 1st course was a lentil soup, served with bread 2nd course was salad (or what they called salad)...it was a plate that had 7 different cold vegetables all prepared differently. Matt even tried the eggplant and cauliflower. The only thing he wouldn't try was the mushrooms. This course was good, but not my favorite! For the 3rd course it was an appetizer that I have to say was SO yummy...it was a puffed pastry that was filled with Cornish hen, almonds and some other stuff that I was unsure of and then sprinkled with Cinnamon and powdered sugar...I know what you are thinking, GROSS, but oh no this was so yummy!

At this point in the evening two belly dancers came out for a show...it is amazing to watch them and I can not believe how they can move their bodies! It was very cool to watch them. The 4th course was our entrees the prime rib was melt in your mouth good. it fell right off the bone and I could cut it with a knife. As for the last course it was a dessert that was so so. It was a puffed pastry filled with apples, pears and one other fruit that I forgot. Oh yes and it was served with an herbal mint tea that was very good. Before they serve the tea they do a tea ceremony. They splash rose water on your hands and you rub them together and cover your eyes and make a wish! :)

About the time we were getting our dessert one of the belly dancers came out and did a dance with a sword that was on fire. It was amazing...for part of the dance she had it balanced on her head! All I could say was WOW!!!

I had an amazing time! I could not believe all the stuff that Matt tried and liked! Thank you honey for spoiling me! I love you and I look forward to many, many more years!


Guest Bedroom!

If you have not read Kelly's Korner then you must. She has the cutest little girl named Harper, she is a couple of weeks older than Kellen! She has started a tour of homes on Friday's. I have been wanting to participate, but so far I have not seemed to have time to take the pictures! Today I decided to make time! :-) This week is Guest Rooms...I have enjoyed looking at all the rooms it has given me a lot of ideas! :) So welcome to my home! Enjoy!

My best friend is an Art teacher so I hired her to help me paint! :) She came up with this idea to paint a dark stripe around the bottom! I loved it and welcomed the help with painting the house. When we moved in two years ago the walls were builder white. Let's just say the only white you will find now is in the closets! :) I had so much fun with picking colors. The guest room is one of my favorite rooms in the house. I had wanted to do old pictures of our families, but I never got around to collecting them from the grandparents...maybe one day! So instead I went with a around the world theme!

As you are walking into the room...I found these mask's at Garden Ridge! :)

The view from the door!
The mask's next to the bookshelf I found on clearance at Pier 1.
(My favorite store!)

View from the end of the bed.
I love this bed...it has leather on the backboard.
I love the drum table as a night stand (from World Market)

The book shelf was a find at world market and it has trinkets from our travels
and pictures of all our grandparents on their wedding day. I had
displayed these at my wedding! :)

There is also some pictures of the world on one wall, but the picture did not turn out!
The closet is full and is almost scary to open! :) It houses all our games, extra blankets, and file cabinets, since our office has since been turned into a baby room! Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Have a great weekend!


A day at the Zoo!!!

Kellen's 1st visit to the Atlanta Zoo!!!

Kellen had a BIG day today. This morning as we were getting ready to go to the zoo he was playing on his activity mat. He has been trying so hard to roll over and today he finally accomplished it! After he got on his tummy he looked in the mirror on his mat and just smiled, after a while he was tired of being his tummy and decided to roll back over to his back! It was so cute! I got so excited and called Matt and Grandma Dee as soon as it happened! I am so happy that I got to see it happen! :)

Kellen wide eyed and ready to go!

We went to the Zoo with Aunt Amanda & Aunt Kaeley, cousin Madison and Taylor, also one of Amanda's friends, Wendy and her son Grey. As soon as we got there Kellen was wide awake and watched everyone around him. He did very good just hanging out and watching the people around him. He smiled at people as they walked by and really just hung out in his stroller. Of course I got more out of it than Kellen did, but it was so fun to walk around and look at all the animals...the meercats were fun to watch! There was one panda that was very entertaining. :)

Gray and Madison walking around the petting zoo.

Gray and Madison rode the train around the zoo and also enjoyed a carousal ride. Then it was off to the petting zoo. Grey loved it running around to each of the animals and brushing them. Madison, who is very much a girl and hates to get her hands dirty was very unsure of herself, but seemed to enjoy looking at the animals! :) She did brush a few! :)

Kellen crashed out in his stroller!

All is all it was a big day for Kellen and he did so well for his first visit to the zoo. I look forward to taking him again once he is a little older and can enjoy all the animals! If he is anything like his mommy and Grandma Dee he will LOVE the zoo and ALL animals! :)


Happy Mother's Day!!!

My First Mother's Day!!!

For the last few years I have got gifts on Mother's day and people would say "to the future mother". My answer was always the same, "oh it will be a while, we are in no hurry"!!! Little did I know that when I said that last year I was pregnant. I knew that I wanted kids and deep down I knew I was ready! All I can say is today was such a special day and I realizing a little more how blessed I am! Kellen is such a cutie and learning new things daily. He is no longer just batting his toys, he will grab them and hold on for dear life! :) He tried to roll over today and almost had it twice, before getting frustrated and moving on to playing with one of his toys. :) I really can watch him for hours. He is really trying to talk and his facial expressions are a hoot! I will try and get a video of it and post it on the blog! Thanks for all of the happy wishes...my cell phone received a consistent flow of text's through out the day.

(If only he looked at the camera)

My day started off with Matt cooking breakfast for my mom and I. He made my favorite...French Toast, maple bacon, and mimosa's!!! Can you say Yummy!!! He did very well for his first time making french toast! And of course I got to sleep in a little too! That was wonderful! Matt got my mom and I these tea cup planters from Walmart! I knew that he was picking up one for my mom, but I didn't know he was getting me one too! He is VERY sneaky! He also is giving me money to get my hair done and toe's done...as you can see in the picture above my hair is in desperate need of some help. Our anniversary is this week to so part of the gifts are for that too! :-) I also got a long nap today...it was wonderful!

Taylor & Kellen

Later in the day we went of to Mimi and Papa's and grilled up some hamburgers and hot dogs. It was a lot of fun. Amanda brought this yummy chicken & strawberry salad. Kaeley made this VERY yummy dessert that had crumbled oreo's, banana's, whip cream, & chocolate sauce...can you say "sinful"!!!

Mimi & Papa

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Mother's day!


The Past Few Weeks!!!

Well it seems like every time I sit down to write a post, I find something else to do or Kellen wakes up from his nap! :) We have been just hanging out the last couple of weeks. It has been so much fun to watch Kellen play and learn new things that I have been doing just that. Everything at this point goes in the mouth! If your hand gets anywhere close to his mouth, he is trying to stick it in there! Of course he has found his own hands and loves to chew on them!

He has also discovered his feet so they are always up in the air! Kellen so badly wants to be sitting up and seeing the world around him! In the last week he has been sleeping 8 hours a night! Go Kellen!!!

Last week we had lunch with my old boss and Kellen just smiled at her as she talked to him. He was really good...not to long after we got to lunch he fell asleep and slept through the rest of lunch.

My Blue Eyed Boy!

On Cinco de Mayo we had dinner with the Rehm's. Kellen just hung out as we talked and and celebrated Cinco de Mayo with a big beer at Los Bravos! We realized it was time to go after Kellen spit up on Matt three times in a row and missed the burp cloth each time! :)

I am so excited about the outfit that I found Kellen for Matt's cousin's wedding that we are going to at the end of May. I can't wait to post pictures of him! It is a little short suit set with a vest and tie! It is too cute on him and he looks like a little man. Daddy and Kellen will look very handsome, now if only mommy could find a dress to wear! :)

Next week we are going to the Zoo with aunt Amanda and the girls! I know that Kellen will not get too much out of it, but I just happen to love the zoo! So stay tuned for pictures next week!

Other than that not much is going on! I continue to struggle looking for a job. I know that I have to get another job, but it is so hard to look for one while I watch my little man wiggle and giggle next to me! He is growing so fast and I am so thankful that I have this extra time with him. I know that everything will work out just the way it is supposed to, all I have to do is have faith! :)

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