Interview with Kellen...

I found this idea on Pinterst and loved the concept of it!  Kellen is growing so fast and it will be fun to see how he changes over the years...So at breakfast the other day I sat down and recorded the conversation...it is so cute to hear him answer the questions...

So this is my interview with Kellen on February 19, 2013 (Age 4)

Valentines Day 2013 
1. What is your favorite color? Green
2. What is your favorite toy? hmm...horses...my stick horse
3. What is your favorite fruit? apples
4. What is your favorite tv show? George (Curious George)
5. What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? cereal bars and everything else
6. What is your favorite outfit? hmmm...a shirt...mmm let me think...my football shirt
7. What is your favorite game? Doggie Rides with Daddy
8. What is your favorite snack? goldfish
9. What is your favorite animal? horses
10. What is your favorite song? Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
11. What is your favorite book? Pete The Cat
12. Who is your best friend? My Dad
13. What is your favorite thing to do outside? play....mmm let me think...play with Nana
14. What is your favorite drink? Smoothies
15. What is your favorite holiday? Christmas
16. What do you like to take to bed with you at night? animals (and lots of them)
17. What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? cereal bar

18. What do you want to be when you grow up? a dad

I promise that I feed him more than just cereal bars (that is what he was eating at the time of the interview)...same with the smoothie, he isn't really big on them, but he was drinking one at the time!  I would say his favorite thing is Apple Juice!  :o)  He really isn't a a picky eater, but very opinionated about what he eats!  If I would let him peanut butter and jelly every day for every meal he would!  :o)

He really wants to be a daddy...he has talked about it a lot since Quinn was born.  He is now calling her "His Baby" :o) 



Is it true???  Can this really being happening???  How is it possible that my baby boy is FOUR!!!  My sweet, sweet boy turned 4 at the end of January.  We celebrated with a big Pirate party and he is still talking about it, so I am going to say it was a hit.  It was a little hard this year having a 1 month old and worrying about all the crazy germs that are out there this year.  BUT I wanted to make sure that Kellen had just as big and special birthday as we have had in the past.  It made it super easy that earlier in the fall I had won a blog give away for the invitations and printable party package.  I did an afternoon party with a few snack items and pirate coloring pages and a pin the eye patch on the pirate game.  Then since it was a beautiful day all the kids ended up on the playground after begging all the parents!  It is so neat to see Kellen interact with the kids.  While a lot of the guests were the same people that have come every year, it was also different.  Our friend Chris wins father of the year for bringing his 8 month old TRIPLETS by himself...but there was plenty of willing people to old those sweet babies!  Then there was three of Kellen's new friends, Chloe (a girl from his class that just happens to live a few doors down from my mom), Braylon (my moms next door neighbors little boy), and Dominic (my good friend Lisa's little boy that Kellen loves to play with).  All of our family was there and Kellen enjoyed getting some Papa time at the playground.  Our friends Jeff & Katie (who Kellen adores) got to hang out and see what they are in for as they welcome their first son in May!  And of course the youngest new guest was Quinn....she slept the entire time.  Meme couldn't wait it get her hands on her!  It was neat to see how our lives and friendships are changing.  We really do feel like we are surrounded by a village that is helping us raise our kiddos.

A few pictures from the BIG day...

 A little about Kellen...

This year has been a big year for Kellen with so many changes ~

  • In June we moved him, not only out of his crib, but into a new bedroom with a BIG boy bed.
  • In July we finally potty trained him and it took one day (except the poopy part...that took about a month). He only wore diapers at night, but woke up only once being wet.
  • In September he started school 3 days a week and LOVES it!  His teacher is amazing and loves Kellen...every time I go to the school I hear how sweet he is.
  • In December he became a big brother...this was a hard change and we still have our challenges, but for the most part he loves his little sister.
  • Right before his 4th Birthday we gave up diapers all together!  He has only had one wet pull-up since we started wearing them in July...he was only wearing wearing them because it was easy for Mommy & Daddy!   

We went to the Dr a few days after his birthday...he was so afraid to go, because he just knew he would get shots!  I told him to be brave and we would see what the Dr had to say!  He did so good and listened so well and did everything they asked.  He is weighing in at 38 lbs and is 41.2 inches tall...he is a skinny mini!  :)  They had to prick his finger to check his iron and he was so excited because he got a super hero band-aid.  When the Dr came in and started asking him questions it was so funny!  

Dr: Do you like fruit?
K: Yes I like Apples
Dr:  Do you like vegetables?
K: Hmmm...yes, I like pears.
Dr.  No do you like vegetables, green beans, broccoli...?
K:  Yes, I like apples

Then the Dr said he would be getting 4 shots and we had a discussion about the flu shot.  I personally have never had the flu shot, but I have always got it for Kellen.  So this year I was going to just pass on it, but of course Dr Tolkin made a good argument about Quinn and how dangerous it would be if she got it so we ending up going with the flu mist!  I have to say Kellen did great!  He did get FOUR shots and didn't cry at all...he said "Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!" and that was it!  Then he got excited about is super hero band-aids!  He did complain about his legs hurting for the next day!   

Kellen has the biggest heart!  He is super sensitive and so loving!  I really want to keep him at this age forever.  We have our moments where he is pretty challenging that I have decided is really just him trying to go from a little boy to a big boy!  I am so not ready for that!  He loves art, singing, music of any kind, playing with cars, dressing up as a cowboy or super hero.   He loves to tell jokes, a couple of his favorites....

What do Lion's eat for Breakfast???  Quackers
What time do astronauts eat?  Launch Time

He loves school and asks every day if he can go...I am not sure what I will do in the summer time.  He is like a sponge and sucks up anything thrown at him.  He can hear a song once and know the words.  We are working on writing his name...he can spell it, but ask him to write and we go into "I can't" mode.  He has become a little afraid of the dark recently and has taken up sleeping with glow sticks, flash lights, or anything else that may glow!  He is wearing 4T bottoms and 4T/5T tops with a size 10 shoe.  He has been wearing a size 10 for the last 1 1/2...but I think his feet are finally starting to grow!  :o) He still is a Daddy's boy and can't wait for Matt to get home every night from work and hates to see him leave in the morning!  He loves his Meme & Papa, Nana & Grandma Keeta!  

He just started T-ball this last week and Matt is so excited!  I am already turning into one of those Sports Mom's that I didn't ever think I would be!  :o) I think it is going to be a lot of fun!  

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