Happy Mother's Day!!!

My First Mother's Day!!!

For the last few years I have got gifts on Mother's day and people would say "to the future mother". My answer was always the same, "oh it will be a while, we are in no hurry"!!! Little did I know that when I said that last year I was pregnant. I knew that I wanted kids and deep down I knew I was ready! All I can say is today was such a special day and I realizing a little more how blessed I am! Kellen is such a cutie and learning new things daily. He is no longer just batting his toys, he will grab them and hold on for dear life! :) He tried to roll over today and almost had it twice, before getting frustrated and moving on to playing with one of his toys. :) I really can watch him for hours. He is really trying to talk and his facial expressions are a hoot! I will try and get a video of it and post it on the blog! Thanks for all of the happy wishes...my cell phone received a consistent flow of text's through out the day.

(If only he looked at the camera)

My day started off with Matt cooking breakfast for my mom and I. He made my favorite...French Toast, maple bacon, and mimosa's!!! Can you say Yummy!!! He did very well for his first time making french toast! And of course I got to sleep in a little too! That was wonderful! Matt got my mom and I these tea cup planters from Walmart! I knew that he was picking up one for my mom, but I didn't know he was getting me one too! He is VERY sneaky! He also is giving me money to get my hair done and toe's done...as you can see in the picture above my hair is in desperate need of some help. Our anniversary is this week to so part of the gifts are for that too! :-) I also got a long nap today...it was wonderful!

Taylor & Kellen

Later in the day we went of to Mimi and Papa's and grilled up some hamburgers and hot dogs. It was a lot of fun. Amanda brought this yummy chicken & strawberry salad. Kaeley made this VERY yummy dessert that had crumbled oreo's, banana's, whip cream, & chocolate sauce...can you say "sinful"!!!

Mimi & Papa

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Mother's day!

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