My (not so) Little Boy

I can hardly believe I am going to say this, but Kellen is in PreK...yes I said it, PreK.  What does this mean???  It means he will start kindergarten next year!!!  That can't be right???  It was just the other day that I was holding him and he was a tiny (well not so tiny) baby.  And wasn't it just yesterday that I watched him take his first steps, try his first foods, and say his first words.

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day and we were talking about how some days seem like they are SO long, but then you can blink and a week or a month is gone.  This is how I feel about my time with Kellen.  He is growing so fast and he is turning into a very sweet, God loving, energetic, funny, and sensitive little boy.  Yes we have our days and our struggles, but I wouldn't trade them for the world.  He is strong willed and thinks he knows it all, at the old age of 4 (can't wait to see what 13 is like), but at the same time he is sensitive and loving. He has the biggest heart and loves everyone (those are his words)!!! He keeps me laughing daily.

We have the best conversations in the car!!!  I wish that I could record them all...I have so many voice memos from him on my phone and find myself listening to them over and over.  I want to freeze him in time, but at the same time I am enjoying watching him grow into this very special little man.  His wife is going to be one lucky lady in this mama's opinion.  We hear almost daily that when he grows up he wants to be a Daddy (We have explained that he must finish college first, then fall in love, get married and then he can have babies)!!!

He loves to dance ALL the time...I ask him to stop dancing one day and he looked at me and said, "mommy I just gotta dance"!  Who can argue with that???  He loves to sing and can pick up the words to most songs (or choruses) the first time he hears it.  One day on the way to school he told me he wants to hear himself on my radio...we'll baby if you want to, this mama knows you will do it!!!

I find myself watching him a lot more just so I can try and remember everything!  While I sit there and watch him, I often have tears running down my face!  They are not sad tears...but tears of joy and happiness. How did I get so lucky to be chosen to be this sweet boys mommy?

And while he is growing way to fast for my liking, I know that time will not slow down.  In reality it will probably speed up as we go along living our daily lives.  But I pray each night that I can slow down long enough to not miss those moments and to remember everything about each moment.  I know that remembering everything is not possible...especially when my mind is so awful (I really would forget my head some days if it were not attached to my body).  That is why I REALLY want to blog more often...even if it is just a picture or just something funny that Kellen says.  I want my blog to be full of my memories when I have forgotten!  I want it to be my reminder to stop and smell the roses when life is crazy and busy.  I want to be able to look back on hard days and remember all of this joy and happiness that fills my heart and even though I may be passing through a storm that a rainbow is just around the corner!

I love you my sweet, sweet boy!  Keep on smiling and making this mama laugh!


8 (yes I said 8) Months...

Time is flying this time around.  I think it is because we are busy with all of Kellen's activities.  I'm loving this age.  She is giggling more and more (especially at her brother).  Her smile can melt my heart and turn me to much!  I think she is already learning that she can get anything if she just flashes you a smile!  :o)  What has she been up too???

 Quinn vs Kellen at 8 months!

  • She is still wearing 9 months, but just barely, she is so tall so any one piece outfit we have had to move to 12 months.  She is still wearing a size 2 shoe, but I think her feet are making up for lost time and will soon be in a 3!  She is wearing a size 4 diaper.  I am waiting for some cooler weather so I can go shopping for some fall clothes!  I can't wait!  Her hair is out of control!  I have given up and just stick a clip in it!  Ha!  I love it!  People stop us all the time and comment on her hair!  
  • She is pretty much on the same feeding schedule.  She is having 4 - 7 oz bottles of mommy milk (for the most part).  I have had to supplement a little bit, but I am still proud that I have made it this long!  She is now eating three meals a day.  I think we will be moving on from jarred food soon.  She wants to eat what we have on our plate.  I think her favorite meal is still Spinach & Potato  We changed up the sippy to a different one and she is doing great!  I am hoping that she will become a water drinker unlike her brother and her mommy!  
 She is ready to go!!!
  • She keeps me on my toes.  She is crawling now on all fours....and if she sees a gate open she will go for it and not very slow.  She started pulling up not very long after we got home from the beach.  Nothing is safe in our house. Even though she is an on the go girl, she will also sit for a bit and play with some toys....as long as I am sitting with her.  She also gave her first kiss away and I am sad to say it was not to me!  :) We were at one of her little friends Birthday's and she kissed Miss Natalie (her friend that is exactly 10 days older than her).  So far we have not got anymore kisses from her!  :)
  • We started back going to Church again and she is having a little separation anxiety when we drop her off in Wumba land.  It is a little better when Matt hands her off and if the person taking her has a BIG chunky necklace on to distract her when we walk away!  But she seems to be happy by the time we pick her up.   It has gotten a little better the more we go, but hopefully it will go away completely soon.  This was something we never had to deal with, with Kellen.  He never seemed to mind other people.  Quinn takes a couple minutes to warm up to certain people!  
  • Not much has changed in the sleep/nap schedule department.  She still naps twice a day at 10 & 2.  She is getting a little more flexible about it though.  Then at night she will go to sleep around 7ish.  Between 6:30 -7 we go up for bath time.  She LOVES bath time and splashing in the water.  She HATES to get out and get dressed!  I have learned to have her bottle ready to go so I can get her dressed while she eats!  I am sure that when we go to wean that the night bottle will be the toughest.  
  • She now has both bottom teeth.  She is still extra drooly so I am wondering if the top are going to follow soon!  She really is like having a bulldog around!  The amount of drool that comes of her is insane!
  • We started at The Music Class this month and so far Quinn seems to love it!  I didn't realize that it would be such a work out for me!  Ha!  It is a lot of up and down and such a work out for me holding this chunky monkey!  There are 4 of us from the neighborhood that are doing it and it is a lot of fun to get to know some of the other moms and their kiddos!  :o)
  • Kellen and Quinn are so much fun to watch together.  He can do no wrong except when he is not willing to share!  Then she will let him know that she is not happy!  He can make her giggle so easy and she is always ready to hand out smiles to him!  He is so good with her!  I feel so blessed when I see them together!  

Showing off her yogo moves


Summer Part 2...The Beach

At the end of July we got the chance to head to Florida to the beach with Matt's entire family!  It was wonderful!  :o)  I can't lie...on top of being wonderful it was also a little stressful with Quinn.  She was really great, but the car ride was tough!  She also decided to cut her first tooth the day we left.  Night time was tough in the beginning, but by the end of the week we fell into a good schedule!  This was also Kellen's first trip to the beach.  He loved it and asks daily if we can go back.  BUT he really did not like the sand.  We did have rain while we were there, but that didn't stop us from having some fun!  It was full of family time, some great food, & a ton of fun!  :o)  Here are just a FEW of my favorite pictures! :o)

Meme & Papa  with 4 of 5 (soon to be 6) grandkids!  Waiting for it to STOP raining!

Kellen Russell Photography
Kellen & Papa driving the boat to Crab Island

Crab Island (that is not really an island, but a bunch of floaty things)

Quinn & I stayed on the boat and had a party with Aunt Amanda

Until she fell asleep

The kids enjoyed lunch that day...Popsicles!
Kellen became a little fish while at the beach!

First Pedicure (given by Mommy & Aunt Amanda)

  Love her faces as she checks out the sand for the first time!

 Learning Karate with Uncle Seth!

This is what we call team work the WHOLE family put together a 1000 I mean 998 piece puzzle!

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