The Rest of the Story...

On April 25th (Matt's Birthday)  I just had a feeling that maybe I should take a pregnancy test.  We had been trying for the last 6 months and at this point I was so used to negatives that I wasn't sure I wanted to take it, but something told me I needed to.  I was a little nauseous and crampy, but other than that I don't know why I decided to take a test!  But I figured what the heck and if it turned out positive then it would be a pretty cool gift for Matt on his birthday!  I went to breakfast with a friend and then headed to Walmart to pick up a test and a few other items.  After taking the test I waited knowing full well that it was going to say "Not Pregnant"...but instead it said...

I have to be honest and even though this is something we had been trying for I began to panic a little!  I am not one for change and again this is a change I wanted for our family, but I have to say at the moment I saw the word "PREGNANT"  I had SO many feelings flood through me at once that I almost hyperventilated!  At this point I couldn't wait till Matt got home to tell him  so I pulled out a shirt that I had got a while back for Kellen that said "This little monkey is going to be a BIG brother" and we skyped  Matt and told him to check out Kellen's new shirt!!!  It took a moment to sink in, but then he said "really"?  and I said "Yep"!  

We decided (or really it was me that decided and Matt went a long with it) to wait to tell people.  I was spotting a little and cramping really bad, and that is not something I had with Kellen so I decided to wait and see and pray!  It was really hard not telling anyone!  It lasted 3 days until I just couldn't handle it so I told one of best friends and great pray warrior, Sarah and told her she was sworn to secrecy!  From there it slowly trickled out!  About a week or so later we told Nana (my mom) & Grandma Keeta (Matt's mom)!
Then on Mother's Day we told the rest of Matt's family!  Then it just continued to trickle out!

On June 12th (at 11 weeks)  I went to my first Dr's appt!  I was so nervous and ready to know if everything was ok and what my official due date would be!  I was a little sad because I didn't think that they would do and ultrasound so I told Matt not to worry about coming, but they did do an ultrasound and I got to hear the baby's heart beat!  I think it took longer to fill out tall the paperwork than the actual appointment!  Ha!  Here is Baby Portman #2 at 11 weeks...He or She will be here right after Christmas (Yes we will find out Boy or Girl on July 14th)!!!

I wanted to wait till after my first appt to make it "Facebook Official"!!!  So on June 18th (almost a week after my Dr's appt)  I posted this picture...

I love his face in this picture!  He is so cute when we talk about the baby! I feel like he is growing up so fast! A couple of weeks ago I decided it was time to move him to the other room and out of his crib!  I know he is 3 1/2 and was still in a crib, but he napped so well and had only climbed out once or twice a couple months ago when he was SUPER mad at Matt!  I was so afraid of the transition and him giving up naps and all that!  But I have to say it has been a super easy transition!  He has napped every day (with only one day where he struggled to go to sleep) and night time has been a little harder, but most of the time he is great!  Then last week we went into full potty training mode, but that is a whole post in itself!  ha!

On June 20th we went in for a first trimester screening...At this ultrasound we learned we have a stubborn child on the way or as the tech put it a good sleeper!  Ha!  The baby refused to move no matter what the tech did to try to get it to!  But she ended up able to get what she needed and everything looked great!  The baby's heart beat was 166 and it was fun to see the baby move!  I have a few cool ultrasound pics from that appointment!  :o) A week later I got a call that all my blood work came back good!

Face Picture

Today (July 10th) I had another check up that was just a normal check up...a little scary, because she couldn't find the heart beat right away, but then she found it and all was good!  :o) Things are looking good!  We can't wait to find out this weekend if we are Team Pink or Team Blue!  Ha!  Either way we we are super excited!!!

Being pregnant at 33 has been a little harder than when I was 29.  I am so tired with this pregnancy and not really sleeping well at all!  I have been super nauseous with this baby where with Kellen it started at about 6 weeks and ended about 12 weeks and just kind of felt like I had a hangover!  This baby on the other had started probably around three weeks and is constant nausea and then waves of nausea on top of that!  It started to let up  a little around 13 weeks, but I still have some days that are better than others!  Ha!  I have a lot of anxiety with this baby and I think that is why I am not sleeping as well as I did with Kellen!  I am not sure what I am anxious about, but I am worrying about everything and anything!  My biggest craving has been watermelon and mashed potatoes...I can eat a whole watermelon by myself!  I have had more food aversions than cravings though!  Spicy food (which I could not get enough of with Kellen) is a big NO right now!  Some days nothing tastes or smells good so it is hard to find anything that sits well with me!

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