Celebrating 3 Years!!!

On one hand it feels like yesterday that we were walking down the isle, but on the other it feels like we have been together forever. I could not imagine my life with out him. Matt planned a very special night for us. He really stepped outside of his little box. As part of my Mother's day/Anniversary gift I got to go my hair and toes done! It was so wonderful to pamper myself! :) So Friday night my mom and I went to go get our toes done...it felt so good to sit in the spa chair...my feet were in desperate need! Then on Sat I went and had my makeup done and played with some colors...then off to get my hair done. I love when they shampoo your hair...I could have fallen asleep. The girl that does my hair had just found out she was having a boy this September so we had a lot to talk about! :) Matt had kept our dinner plans a surprise. All that I knew was that it was a Moroccan restaurant and to wear something comfortable because we would be sitting on the floor!

Matt came home from getting his hair cut and brought me flowers...a dozen roses to be exact (they are beautiful)! Then we got ready to go. Grandma Dee kept Kellen for us...we didn't have to ask her twice.

We went to Imperial Fez and it was the neatest experience. When you walk in you have to take your shoes off...note to self next time I will take socks, I got a little grossed out walking barefoot on their floor. The restaurant was very romantic with fabric draped all over and the lighting at just the right brightness. We ordered a pitcher of Marrakesh or what our waitress explained as happy juice...she said "it will make you a good happy, not a crazy happy"! They were very yummy! Then we started looking at the menu and exploring our options.

It is a five course meal and you have to choose your entree...there were too many yummy options. I narrowed it down to the prime rib and Matt picked the chicken kabob's. The waitress laughed and told him "really that is what you want, you can get kabob's anywhere"! But you have to understand that going to this restaurant was WAY out of Matt's comfort zone! Soon a guy came over to us to wash our hands and gave us a towel. He explained that they eat with their hands and encourage their guests to as well. So he told us to put our towel over our left shoulder and to eat with our right hand with your thumb and first two fingers (I did this for the most part, but it was very weird).

The 1st course was a lentil soup, served with bread 2nd course was salad (or what they called salad)...it was a plate that had 7 different cold vegetables all prepared differently. Matt even tried the eggplant and cauliflower. The only thing he wouldn't try was the mushrooms. This course was good, but not my favorite! For the 3rd course it was an appetizer that I have to say was SO yummy...it was a puffed pastry that was filled with Cornish hen, almonds and some other stuff that I was unsure of and then sprinkled with Cinnamon and powdered sugar...I know what you are thinking, GROSS, but oh no this was so yummy!

At this point in the evening two belly dancers came out for a show...it is amazing to watch them and I can not believe how they can move their bodies! It was very cool to watch them. The 4th course was our entrees the prime rib was melt in your mouth good. it fell right off the bone and I could cut it with a knife. As for the last course it was a dessert that was so so. It was a puffed pastry filled with apples, pears and one other fruit that I forgot. Oh yes and it was served with an herbal mint tea that was very good. Before they serve the tea they do a tea ceremony. They splash rose water on your hands and you rub them together and cover your eyes and make a wish! :)

About the time we were getting our dessert one of the belly dancers came out and did a dance with a sword that was on fire. It was amazing...for part of the dance she had it balanced on her head! All I could say was WOW!!!

I had an amazing time! I could not believe all the stuff that Matt tried and liked! Thank you honey for spoiling me! I love you and I look forward to many, many more years!


  1. Sounds like a very fun night... Love that picture of the 2 of you.

  2. WOW that sounds like a great evening. No cool places like that here is Aug. Happy Anniv!!!!


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