Holiday Season 2011...

WARNING!!!  This is a long post with A LOT of pictures!!!!

Wow what a month...December flew by! I had really wanted to take a little holiday from Little Boo Creations, but I have not learned the art of saying "no"! But I was able to squeeze in a party with friends, pictures with Santa, driving around looking at lights, taking Kellen bowling for the 1st time, an art play date, & a wonderful Christmas Eve with family & friends, & an amazing Christmas Day.

So here we go...

We kicked off December with the normal decorating! I have to say we got the most beautiful tree this year. It was so big we were not sure where to put it! It took a couple of tries and a couple different rearrangements of furniture, but we found a place that worked. Kellen was SO much fun this year...he helped with the decorating of the tree...it was so cute!  I did put out less this year!



The first weekend in December we threw (and I mean threw) together a last minute get together...my mama took Kellen for the night so we were able to enjoy an adult only evening with friends and cocktails. There was SO much food and ALL of it was yummy! I was so full by the end of the night I felt like I needed to be rolled up the stairs! I am so sad that we didn't really take any pictures from that night, but we enjoyed hanging with the Goodwald's, the Rehm's, the Price's, Jeff & Katie.

Last year we were not even able to walk close to Santa and Kellen would start freaking out!  This year I started reading Kellen Christmas books right after Thanksgiving to start preparing Kellen for a visit with Santa!  A photographer that we have worked with in the past was offering appointments with Santa, for about the same price that it would have been to go to the mall...so we went for it!  No lines, in a quiet environment with just Kellen & Santa!  It worked wonderfully!  Kellen walked right up to him and started talking to him!  Of course when Santa asked Kellen what he wanted, Kellen says, "Circle Presents"!  Well Santa went along with it and ask what color circle presents, and if Mom and Dad wanted them too, and made sure that Kellen would promise to pick them up if he brought them to him!  It was awesome!  :o)

Since Matt started working for the bowling ally's I have wanted to take Kellen to go bowling!  So we decided we would forgo a nap (kind of a mistake, but we still had fun) and go bowling!  Nana, Uncle Andy, and Cousin Ansley went with us!  Kellen went into sensory overload, be he had SO much fun!

Picture Taken By Kellen!  :o) 

We spent several nights driving around looking at lights... Kellen didn't care how little or how big a house was decorated he loved them all! We took him to see the lights at Life Collage and we had to drive through them several times before Kellen would even consider going home!


I have been really wanting to do more Art projects with Kellen so I invited Sarah & Gabbi over for a little art play date!  We had a lot of fun, but I really have to get over my perfectionism if I want to continue doing Art with Kellen!

 Hand print & Footprint Reindeer & Hand print ornaments (Kellen's didn't turn out...it cracked while drying)


Christmas Eve is when we open all our presents and have deer chili & cornbread. This year Deanna & Charles, Andy, and my mama joined us. Little did we know that Deanna was less than 24 hours from giving birth to Charlee...although my mama said she had a feeling Deanna was having contractions! After dinner it was time for presents...

 A Falcon's Mickey!!!

 Trying to get Kellen to smile for the camera and we get this face!  :o) 

Showing off is favorite gift!  We had a hard time getting them off of him to get in the bath!  

Christmas morning was filled with yummy food and opening Santa gifts!  Santa brings stockings and 1 big gift in our house (well for Kellen anyways)!  :o) 

 Kellen refused to smile!  He is not a morning person just like his mama!  

A Bike! 

About the time we were finished up we got a phone call saying that Deanna was in labor and asked if we would go let out Gracie (the dog)!!!  We were so excited for them and waited anxiously to here when Charlee would make her debut!  We headed to The Portman's for gifts and dinner!  It was a lot of fun!

 The Portman Boys!  


Matt & I took dinner over to the Rehm's the night they got home and got to meet Charlee Lynn!  She is the sweetest baby!  So cute and Mama & Dad are super proud!  Congrats Deanna & Charles on your little Rehm Dream!

 Excuse my NO MAKEUP self!

 Charlee Lynn Rehm

Sophie meeting Charlee for the 1st time!  :o)  

That raps up our December!  I am really hoping to be better at this blogging thing!  :o)   We will see!  I keep saying it, but time has a way will slipping by!  Happy New Year!  :o) 

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