Let the count down begin!

I know that I keep saying this, but time is going so fast. We are officially under 100 days till Kellen is due. I had another Dr's visit last week and let's just say everything is normal. My blood pressure is normal, Kellen's heart rate is normal, I am measuring right at where I should. So all is normal. Matt and I also had our first Birthing class. It is 1 of 6 that we will be doing. Some of you have already heard that Matt and I are taking Hypnobirthing classes. I know that it sounds a little weird to some, but really it is about breathing, visualization, and deep relaxation. We have hired a Doula (A Doula provides many important services to birthing families. A Doula provides continuous physical comfort measures, fact - based informational and emotional support and promotes communication between parents and care providers. A Doula protects and nurtures the mothers memory of her birth experience). Her name is Corrinna Thompson, she is so full of information and has helped answer so many of our questions! Her biggest thing she teaches is making sure that we are informed. She wants to make sure that we understand everything about the birthing process and all of our options. We are looking forward to Kellen's arrival and can't believe that we are a little over 13 weeks away from his due date! We have another ultrasound next week so I will share some more pictures then!

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