The Kindness of a Stranger...

I cannot say thank you enough for a huge blessing that I received earlier this week.  One of the biggest things that I think I took for granted while I was working was insurance.  I never once worried about anything, because if I was sick or something hurt I would call my Dr and make an appointment.  Well once my Cobra ended I just couldn't afford it with Matt and I both not working so we got Kellen on Peachcare for Kids (a GA program that offers insurance for free for kids under 3).  Matt and I figured we would chance it until Matt started working again.  I won't bore you with the details but I don't have any insurance yet!  Last Saturday I just so happened to slip on the stairs and do something to my foot.  I wasn't sure what I did or how I did it, all I knew what it hurt and it was every color of black, blue, green, and purple and my big toe was about 4 times the size of normal.

I didn't have too much time to think about it because our good friends Deanna and Charles were getting married and I was helping with some of the details.  I taped it and iced it and headed to the Rehearsal.  On Sunday I was up-and-at-it and getting ready to head to Deanna's to help with any last minute details, and then we were off to the church to set up and get ready to marry Deanna off!  I took Advil, taped my toes together and put on some sexy, strappy high-heals and refused to let my foot slow me down.

By the time Monday came around the my toe looked horrible and I could barely make my way around the house, but I had several errands to run....like the grocery store.  I was in so much pain, but I knew that I had to get through it...my biggest concern was Kellen running away from me in the parking lot and not being able to chase him.  Monday afternoon, my mom had an appointment with her podiatrist and gave him a description of my toe and he really didn't like the sound of it.  So he told her to have me call and make an appointment.  He said he would like to get some x-rays and that it would be a minimal charge and that he would work with me since I have no insurance.  Well I rolled my eyes and said "minimal charge, yeah right" and went about my business.

Well Monday night Matt kicked me square on my toe (In his defense he was sleeping and didn't mean too)!  So on Tuesday the pain was getting to the point I could not tolerate it any longer.   So, I talked to Matt and he told me to call the Dr and see what he had to say.  I called and they said it would be $150 for the appointment and they would let me make payments.  So we set an appointment for Wednesday morning.

Nana watched Kellen for me and I headed to the Dr.  They took some x-rays and, sure enough, I broke my big toe all the way across, but it was not displaced and their doesn't seem to be any damage to the cartilage.  So the good news was that no surgery is needed....bad news is that he said it would hurt for awhile since there is not a lot they could do.  So he wrapped it in Green tape(to be festive) for the swelling and told me I would have to wear a boot for 4 weeks.  He did say it seems like a bit of overkill, but he is worried I would injure it further by trying to walk on it.  As the nurse was showing me how to put it on, the Dr came back in the room and said "Oh yeah I forgot you don't have insurance...that boot is really expensive, lets put you in a walking shoe...just be careful"!  The nurse then went to the Dr because they just so happened to have a "gently used" boot (It was worn for a day and then returned) and asked if that would be okay to send me home in.  The Dr said as long as it was my size that would work and there would be no charge for that!  It just happened to be my size!  The next surprise came when I was checking out.  The total...$75.00....Not $150.  I was super excited.  This was something I could pay and be done...no more payments.

So Thank you Dr. McGlamery!  I am sure he will never know what a blessing he was in my life, but it is nice to know that there are still people out there like him that his one small act of kindness lifted a whole ton of weight of my shoulders!

So now I am wearing this ugly boot and it is my friend for the next 4 weeks.  And yes I have learned my lesson....I wasn't wearing it this morning and tripped over my toe and cause myself so much pain!  The only difficult thing is it is my right foot so driving is to be kept at a minimum because I can't drive with my boot!

Oh well!  Just wanted to share my blessing!  Merry Christmas!


Holiday Fun!

There is just something about this time of year that I can't seem to keep up!  It seems like my "To Do" list only grows instead of shrinks!  Before we get to deep into the Christmas season I wanted to get a post done from Thanksgiving and from our trip to the Georgia Aquarium with my sister and her boyfriend!

Thanksgiving week was a little crazy because I spent that Monday and Tuesday cleaning and getting everything just perfect for my sisters visit with her boyfriend Johnny!  I was SO excited for them to make the trip from Colorado, because it was the first time that my sister had got to meet Kellen other than on Skype!  I know that this sounds a little crazy as he is almost 2 years old, but my family is all from Montana and not real big travelers and with the price of tickets being outrageous it is a little tough for them to come her or us to go to them.  So my mom is the only family I have here and Kellen just adores his Nana!  My mom moved here in 2007, because she knew out of her three children I would be the one to have "grandkids" for her and if she wanted to see them she would have to move here (Yes that was before we were even trying or not trying in our case to get prego).  I am so glad that she moved her...I would be lost without her!  I think Kellen would be missing something too!

Back to Thanksgiving...My sister Sara (Auntie RaRa) and her boyfriend Johnny arrived on Tuesday afternoon.  My mom and I rode down on Marta to meet them in hopes to skip some of the traffic.  I was SO excited!  We headed home just in time to start making dinner!  :o)  I made a yummy Chicken Tortilla Chili (It is really easy and very yummy)...it never fails that when I am cooking for a crowd or some special dinner I burn myself.  I think this one takes the cake as far a severity of burns go, but all in all everything turned out!  :o)  My mom and Deanna came over and the chili was gobbled up!  Kellen was not shy what so ever around Sara and Johnny...he played with them the minute they walked in the door.  Tuesday was an early night since Sara and Johnny had gotten up super early and Wednesday was going to be a BIG day.  Wednesday we headed to my mom's school so that she could introduce Sara to all her coworker's!  Then we headed to meet Kellen and Matt for Lunch.  As soon as my mom got off work and Kellen woke up from his nap we headed to the Aquarium.  We found a link to get tickets for $15 and they were open for extended hours due to the holidays so we got there around 4:30.  It was perfect, it was not crowded at all.  We got some great pictures and Kellen had a blast.  Johnny and Sara loved it too! 



Thursday we had dinner at my in-laws and can I say the Turkey was very yummy (the other food was good too, but the turkey was outstanding)!!!  It was beautiful outside so Kellen and my nieces played outside for a bit.  All in all I had a lot to be thankful for and it really was a perfect day!  Friday we got up early and headed to the mall to hit up some of the awesome deals.  Kellen really made out like a bandit for Christmas and I was able to get him some new clothes...he is growing like a weed!  My sister had an eye appointment so we took Johnny to Checkers (his brother told him he had to have a Checkers burger)...all I can say is that they make some YUMMY fries.  Friday night we took Sarah and Johnny to Bub-A-Cue  for some Southern BBQ...I really needed to be rolled out to the car, I was SO full!

Kellen turned 22 months...I really do feel like it was yesterday that he was born.  He really is up to the same things.  A couple new things that he has done is he can now jump off the ground before it was more of a bouncing.  Now when he jumps, his feet leave the ground.  It is so cute to watch him do it.  He has also add "Nana", "RaRa" and "Papa" to his list of words he will say.  He still isn't talking, but he is getting there.  I know that one day soon he will be talking up a storm.  He is changing so much and busy as can be.  I thought he would struggle with Matt going back to work, but so far he has been pretty good.  He gets so excited when Matt gets home!  :o)

We went and got our tree last week, but have yet to decorate it.  Matt promises that we will do it tonight.  But here are a few pictures from picking it out!  :o)


 Happy Holidays!  I am really hoping that I will be better about blogging in 2011 than I was in 2010!


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Fall Fun!

Time seems to be running away from me!  I can't believe that it is the week of Thanksgiving!  :o)  My sister and her boyfriend are coming and I am SO excited for them to meet Kellen for the first time!  I only wish they could stay longer!  I hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Here are some pictures from the activities that we have done over October and November...

Cagles Dairy Farm  10/23/10~
We had so much fun.  Kellen loves being outside.  We went with Nana (formally known as Grandma Dee), Uncle Andy and Cousin Ansley, Charles and Deanna, and Sarah, Glenn, and Gabriella.  We got a ton of pictures, but due to unfortunate accident with the camera we lost all of our pictures, but lucky for us there were 4 other cameras there and they caught some very cute pictures of Kellen!

Woodstock KidFest 10/30/10~
Downtown Woodstock held a festival full of vendors and fun games for kids.  We had a blast and got a ton of cute pictures.  Grandma Keeta, Uncle Andy, Cousin Ansley and the Goodwald family joined us.  After walking around for a bit we tried Canyon Burger (It is like Five Guys).  We we finished eating we wanted to get some pictures of the kids in their costumes.  Ansley (who just turned 5) who rarely lets us take pictures of her decided she wanted to do a photo session.  Then it became Monkey See Monkey Do...Kellen wanted to do whatever she did!

Trick Or Treating 10/31/10~
We had so much fun Trick or Treating with Kellen this year.  I went to a couple houses with him then stayed behind to hand out candy to the kids.  Nana (formally known as Grandma Dee) and Matt took him around to the rest of the houses on our street.  Kellen still really is not talking, so we taught him "what does a Pirate say"? and he would reply "Argh"   He will also shake his head yes and no if you ask him questions.  So a lady had the cheap colored suckers and ask Kellen if he wanted a Red one...he answered by shaking his head yes.  She said he could have one more and asked if he wanted a yellow on...he shook his head no...she asked, "a green one"? He shook his head no...so she asked "another red one"? He shook his head yes!  Nana said it was so cute!  Kellen really doesn't know what candy is so he enjoyed sorting it!  :o)

My Birthday 11/10/10~
I was so spoiled by everyone around me!  About 10 of us ended up at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Los Bravos.  It was a blast...thanks for everyone that was there!  Then on Sat night I enjoyed a night out with the girls!  It was SO much fun!  :o)

Cousin Ansley's Birthday 11/13/10~
Cousin Ansley turns 5!  It was a very girly party with the girls dressing up in princess dresses and having their nails painted and makeup done!

So I think that brings up to date of everything we have been up to!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Kellen is 21 Months! :o)

So I totally missed Kellen turning 20 months!  I just can't believe how much he is changing.  He is really thinning out and is such a little boy!  He has no fear!  Just the other night he dove off the couch onto Daddy (head first)!!!  I am thinking he may just give me a nervous break down one day!  :o)

A while back we went to his Speech evaluation and they said he was not eligible for the program because he does not really show any signs of a speech delay.  At this age there is such a wide range of vocab and Kellen is saying or trying to say at least 5 words.  It was fun to watch them test him.  He was so busy, but as soon as they would ask him a question he would answer it.  The did tell us that his attention span is very advanced for his age!  :o)  They were so sad they were not going to get to work with Kellen.  They said he was a very sweet boy.  They said that if there was not much of a change when he is two then we can bring him back and have him evaluated again!  He is talking more and more these days...still not a lot of words, but he has added "uh-oh" and "oh wow"!  Now when we talk to him he will talk back in gibberish, but he is really trying to talk!

He LOVES the outdoors.  I think that he would rather spend the entire day outside.  There is a park that is right down the street that they just finished redoing and he loves it.  I love it too because there is only one way out and one way in so he can run free!  There is also a pond with a lot of ducks and a few geese too!  A couple weeks ago we found a turtle and Kellen didn't want to touch it!  :o)

He is still eating pretty much anything we sit in front of him!  He really likes Grandma Keeta's spaghetti!  :o)  He is still taking one nap and will sleep 2 to 3 hours...BUT we are learning if he doesn't get down by 1 pm then he doesn't go down very easy.  We still have the same bedtime routine.  We have added a few songs here and there, but other than that he will sleep 11-12 hours a night.  He is wearing a 2T now and we finally moved him up to a size 5 diaper.  He is wearing a size 7 1/2 shoe.  I think that he has hit another growth spurt because his new jeans are already getting shorter!!!  Slow down please!

The other day I started to sing Ring Around the Rosie and Kellen started spinning...when I got to "Ashes, Ashes, we all fall down" he sat down.  Matt and I started laughing because we had not taught him that!  I asked the girls at the church daycare that he goes to on Tuesday mornings while I am at bible-study and they are the ones that taught him that!  He really has learned a lot from them!  I think he enjoys playing with the other kids!  I am sad that this Tuesday will be my last one until the winter session starts.

Last weekend we headed to Cagle's Farm!  It was so much fun (besides the event that we just won't talk about).  My mom, Deanna and Charles, The Goodwald Family, and Andy and Ansley all went with us.  We went on a Farm tour which included seeing how they milk the cows (or used to, they are not a dairy farm anymore), then we did the a tour of the processing plant, a hayride, and then we got to feed some very FAT goats, and calves.  We ate some lunch and then walked the corn maze.  Kellen enjoyed just running free!

I will share pictures of all our fall fun at the farm and our Halloween festivities later this week.  


Catch Up! (Includes Kellen turning 19 months)


For a while now I have been looking for words to blog, but they don't seem to be coming, but TIME is running away and I know if I don't blog I will probably forget everything that is going on!  :o)  To be totally honest I just didn't really feel like blogging anything.  Matt has often said that blogger's tend to make everything sound so perfect and don't really blog about the hard times.  Maybe that is what it is.  Maybe I am in denial about our "hard times" or maybe it is just that I don't really want to think about them.  I am trying really hard not to focus on the things that we don't have, but the things that we do have.  So here is my attempt of reminding myself of what we do have...because we have an awesome little boy that can light up your whole day with one look.  We have some amazing friends and family that have blessed us beyond belief!  Here is what we have been up to in the last month...

Little Miss Sarah Scott's Birthday ~

We had the honor of celebrating Lil Miss SS's 2nd birthday with her!  It was so much fun!!!  We just wish that the Whitfield Family lived closer (Because we would so LOVE to hang out more often)!!!  It is so cute to see Sarah Scott and Kellen play together!  Of course I got to love on Hampton...He is SO cute...I could just eat him up!  After some coaxing we got Kellen to get into the jumpy house!  He had so much fun!  After the party we headed to the Whitfield house and watched SS open her gifts and then headed to dinner..It was interesting with 3 kids...I got a picture of what it would be like with more than one!  :o)  SS and Kellen kept us busy while Hampton hung out!  Then it was back to the house and Deborah Anne and I played makeup!  It was a great day!  (Thanks for everything Whitfield's)

Life ~
I finished up my Beth Moore bible study and found another one to start.  I am now doing "Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World".  It is a lot different than my last one, but very good  all the same!  For a while now I have been telling Matt that I would like to find a Church to attend.  Of course Matt and I couldn't agree on what type...he wanted a traditional one, I wanted a more contemporary one.  So of course I found as many with contemporary services as I could and we started trying them.  Over the last couple of years we have tried several, but nothing that Matt enjoyed or didn't walk out and have "something" to say about it!  So in August I got a magazine that is called "Around Woodstock" and it had an article in it about City On A Hill.  The sermon series was "Issues with the Bible" and it sounded like something that would be awesome for Matt.  They are more contemporary, with a coffee house style setting, a band, and no dress code.  Matt walked out and his comment was "something spoke to me"!  I was so excited!  The band is not the greatest, but they play traditional hymns and contemporary songs.   So we decided (or Matt agreed) we would finish out the series (which was 2 more weeks).  The next week we were all sick and Matt and I were confined to the couches!  But we made the last one and we have continued to go.  The new series is "One Life: Are You Happy with Yours"  We have been welcomed with open arms and it has been wonderful.  It was like we found home!  I am starting a 32 week Bible study this Friday. I am so excited...by the end of it I will have gone through about 70% of the bible.  I am excited to hang with other mom's and hopefully as soon as we figure out childcare Kellen will get to be with other kids!

                                  Where Is Kellen???                                   BOO!

Little Miss Macy B's Birthday ~

We helped Macy B celebrate her 1st birthday!  It was so much fun!  Ashly set up the cutest little pool party in their back yard!  Kellen had a blast!  When we got home he slept for a little over 3 hours!  Kellen had so much fun collecting all the beach balls and putting them in the baby pool and then trying to get in when there wasn't any room left!  Haha!  Thanks Ashly for all the fun!

Kellen turned 19 Months ~

I can't believe it!  I really don't have a baby anymore.  He is changing so much!  He really is imitating us in all we do!  It SO cute!  He really is the reason I keep getting out of bed in the morning!  :o)  Our schedule is pretty much the same as far as naps, eating, and all the fun things we do.  I think I talked about it in the last post, so this might be a repeat...At Kellen's 18 month check up we talked to his pediatrician about the lack of Kellen's talking.  She told us that she was not to worried about it, because he is advanced physically so his brain has probably been spending most of its time developing that.  But she gave us the number of a free GA program called Babies Can't Wait to get him evaluated to see if there really was a speech delay.  Because it is a government program there is a lot to go through.  We first had to meet with a person from Childrens 1st to see if Kellen was a candidate for Babies Can't wait.  So we went to the appointment and filled out paperwork and then she got to work testing him.  She had us look through a book and point out things and ask him what it was and also ask him where something was and see if he would point it out.  She was looking to see if Kellen would even try to talk, but he didn't.  She ask him simple commands, like give the ball to dad (of course he would not give up the ball) and close the door (he did do this).  She also tested him on a few other things, but in the end she felt like he does have a delay and we get to move on the the next step! So This week we have a parent evaluation.  Then Kellen will have to back and get tested again with 3 therapists in the room!  But on a positive note he has added "Ba" for ball to his vocabulary!

So that is what we have been up to!  We are so ready for fall and I am already looking forward to planning the holiday festivities!

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