My Running Adventures

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By no means am I runner or have I ever been!  I have always worried about what others think of me and when I ran, I could hear (in my mind) what people were saying to themselves, "look at that girl...why is she running...she is going to hurt herself with all that jiggle"!  But last June those voices went away and I began to run longer and longer with the help from the Couch to 5k program (blog post coming soon).  I didn't finish it for one reason or another, but I am back and running and I love it!  There is a high after you finish like non other!  I am training for my first 5k and I can't wait!  I thought it would be fun to document my running adventure!

Let the Adventure Begin...

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***Please note that by no means am I a professional. I have no formal training of any kind. I am just a girl writing about my own weight loss journey and sharing things that worked for me. Before starting any new life change, please consult your Dr.

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