A day at the Zoo!!!

Kellen's 1st visit to the Atlanta Zoo!!!

Kellen had a BIG day today. This morning as we were getting ready to go to the zoo he was playing on his activity mat. He has been trying so hard to roll over and today he finally accomplished it! After he got on his tummy he looked in the mirror on his mat and just smiled, after a while he was tired of being his tummy and decided to roll back over to his back! It was so cute! I got so excited and called Matt and Grandma Dee as soon as it happened! I am so happy that I got to see it happen! :)

Kellen wide eyed and ready to go!

We went to the Zoo with Aunt Amanda & Aunt Kaeley, cousin Madison and Taylor, also one of Amanda's friends, Wendy and her son Grey. As soon as we got there Kellen was wide awake and watched everyone around him. He did very good just hanging out and watching the people around him. He smiled at people as they walked by and really just hung out in his stroller. Of course I got more out of it than Kellen did, but it was so fun to walk around and look at all the animals...the meercats were fun to watch! There was one panda that was very entertaining. :)

Gray and Madison walking around the petting zoo.

Gray and Madison rode the train around the zoo and also enjoyed a carousal ride. Then it was off to the petting zoo. Grey loved it running around to each of the animals and brushing them. Madison, who is very much a girl and hates to get her hands dirty was very unsure of herself, but seemed to enjoy looking at the animals! :) She did brush a few! :)

Kellen crashed out in his stroller!

All is all it was a big day for Kellen and he did so well for his first visit to the zoo. I look forward to taking him again once he is a little older and can enjoy all the animals! If he is anything like his mommy and Grandma Dee he will LOVE the zoo and ALL animals! :)

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