What have we been up too...

Where did Spring go???  I promised myself that I would get better about blogging, but man time is flying by and each day I say I am going to blog, but I never get around to it!  I have an awful memory and this is the only place I seem to write things down, so I know I have to get better!  So this is a catch up post of our Spring 2012!  It will be long and there will be pictures!

At the end of March our neighborhood had an Easter Egg Hunt!  It was so much fun and Kellen seemed to enjoy himself!  He doesn't really like the Easter Bunny though!  He made sure to steer clear of him each time he came close!

I had the honor of co-hosting a shower for one of my dearest friends, Sarah and the newest member of the family Mr. Grant!  We had so much fun enjoying a brunch with the girls!

Kellen has been taking gymnastics and loving it (we just finished up and now we are trying out swim lessons for the summer)!  Here are a few pictures of Kellen & his buddy Dominic at open play during Spring break (thanks Lisa for the pictures)...

A couple of times I have had the chance (and of course I jump for the chance) to watch Miss Charlee Lynn!

In April we got to help Deanna celebrate her birthday!  It was a child free night for us and so much fun visiting with friends!  :o) 

We had so much fun on Easter!  It was us, Nana, Andy & Ansley!  The Easter Bunny has started a tradition of bringing Kellen all his swimming gear for the year!  Nana also got him a really cool pool/sprinkler!  It was cold on Easter but that didn't stop us from setting it up and the kids enjoying it for a bit!  :o)

I don't have any pictures to document it, but we enjoyed Matt's birthday with some of our closest friends at Taco Mac!  I have to say that we have been blessed by the circle of friends that we have around us!  It is one of those things that a while back I was watching the finale of one of my favorite TV shows (for those that don't know...Hello, My name is Stephanie and I am a TV~holic) and in the end they were all gathered with their families and eating at a cafe and as I sat there watching it I became overwhelmed with the thought that I have that!  We have a circle of friends that our kids are going to grow up together and hopefully they will be forever friends too!   Matt turned the BIG 3-5 and I have to say it was a pretty amazing birthday (if I do say so myself)  I gave him a gift that I don't think I will be able to top (but that is for another post)!  

May was full of craziness.  My mom has been looking for a new house so Kellen enjoyed looking at SO many houses and now thinks that we need a new house!  Ha!  Nana found a new house less than a mile from ours and we will be able to walk there!  She closes on July 30th and I can't wait!    Our friends had triplets and we got to meet them...I could have stared at them all night!  :o)  They are growing and getting stronger and come home with Mom & Dad!  Congrats to the Cobb Family!   

Cinco de Mayo Chastain night & Jeff's Birthday ~ 

Matt is staying busy with work and still loving his job!  He just finished up his first year there and I have to say I REALLY enjoyed NO TAX SEASON this year!  It is a wonderful company and so family oriented!  Little Boo is keeping me busy and I am loving selling on Etsy!  I am not doing markets anymore and I love that!  I will do one or two around the holidays depending on a few things, but I am really looking forward to it!  Little Boo has been a blessing to me and keeps me busy and has been a way for me to contribute a small amount to the family!  

Kellen is growing like a weed and changing so much!  We are struggling with potty training, but I am pretty sure it is just because he doesn't want to do it!  ha!  The count down is on...he is supposed to start school at the end of August, but HAS to be potty trained!  So it HAS to happen!!!  We are looking forward to a busy summer and hopefully I can figure out how to blog more often!  :o) 

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