Summer Part 1....

I am not quite sure where this summer went!  It was crazy busy for us and full of firsts!!!  My Grandma Cody was able to visit us to start off out summer.  I was so excited that she was going to get to come.  She was supposed to come for Christmas, but then got sick and was unable to fly.  It was the first time she got to meet my little ones. I was super bummed that Kellen and I both ended up being sick and I didn't get to spend as much time with her as I wanted to...here are a couple of pictures (taken with my phone) of the kiddos with her!

Kellen was able to get in a few swimming lessons again this summer with Mr Chad.  But the weather, sickness, and travel made it nearly impossible to have very many.  Kellen loves the water, but he is my fearful child.  This summer his confidence grew and he even went down the big slide at our pool!  Quinn LOVES the pool so we enjoyed swimming around while Kellen had his lesson!  I was very proud of myself that I was able to take the two kiddos to the pool by myself!  :)

At the end of June we loaded up the kids and headed to the airport!  Kellen was beyond excited to be flying and even more excited to go to Grandpa Steve's Farm.  My Grandfather had passed away in October and they were having the graveside memorial (the held it in the spring so more of the grandkids could come).  It was one of those things that we were blessed that my Dad helped us out with the tickets...so we couldn't say no.  Even though I was a ball of nerves leading up to it and through the whole trip.  I knew that Quinn was going to be a challenge during the flights.  I almost turned around and went back home after the first flight!  It was awful...Quinn screamed so hard and there was nothing I could do to help her!  We stayed at my Grandma's for the first couple of nights.  My Uncle Richard let us use his camper and let me tell you it was the Ritz Carlton of campers!  It was so nice having our own space and knowing that Quinn was not going to wake anyone up (other than maybe Kellen) if she woke up in the middle of the night!  My Aunt Diana, Cousin Jamie (and her three kids) & Cousin Dana (and her two kids) were also staying with my Grandma!  It was a houseful, but so much fun!  

We had a little scare while we were there...Kellen woke up so excited the day after we got there and played with the kids and then we enjoyed lunch with my Dad.  We even walked around town for a bit, before driving back out to my Grandmas.  Once we got home Kellen became super snugly...we thought he was tired from traveling and from playing so hard with the kids.  He felt a little warm, but it was so hot there that I didn't think anything of it.  So he fell right asleep....2 hours later he still wasn't awake, so I went out to get him...he was burning up!  He couldn't really sit up, his eyes were rolling back in his head, and he could not have a coherent conversation with you at all.  I felt helpless....I had nothing, but infant Tylenol and my Grandma didn't have a thermometer.  So we loaded up and drove into town to the emergency room.  His temperature ended up being 103.7 (I think and that was under the arm) and that was after we had given him a small dose of Infant Tylenol.  The NP said his throat looked gnarly...he wouldn't let her look in his ears, but she was sure there was an infection.  After some Motrin and a Popsicle...he was a totally different boy.  They gave us an antibiotic and we were on our way...24 hours later and you would have never known that he was sick.  It just came on so fast and not like normal.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures....

  Kellen & Quinn with Uncle Damon

Kellen with Grandpa Steve

Queenie the dog!  

The View!  

The goat that thinks it's a bull!  ha!

Tanner & Kellen's hiding spot! 

Lots of frog catching going on...

Getting to see the sheep & the chickens at Uncle Richard's

Tanner & Quinn (Quinn loved Tanner)

Jamie, Dana & My Kiddos

It was so sad to leave the farm, but very excited all at the same time.  We headed up to my Cousin Gina's to spend a couple days.  On our last night Gina had everyone over for Tyce's birthday.  It was so good to see everyone.  Kellen had SO much fun playing with all the boys!  I think he could have stayed forever!  It is a different way of life in Montana.  We just let the boys run from sun up to sun down.  Kellen was so tired at night and slept so good.  While the boys ran, I got to visit with Gina...it was so nice to catch up.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures...

Tyce & Jace (2 of 3 of Gina's boys)

 Jace & Tyce dunking with the help of Matt!

Kellen sitting in a car that my Uncle Charles built from the ground up!

Kellen & Brae playing Elefun

Grandma Cody with 11 of 17 of the Great Grand Children

Happy Birthday Tyce

It was so much fun to visit Montana and all my family!  It was such a short visit that I chose to visit only family.  I tried to sneak in a couple of visits with old friends, but with Kellen getting sick it took away some of my time.  Maybe next time I won't wait another 5 years!  BUT it will be a while before I get on a plane with Quinn!  Ha!  The flight home was a little better, but still rough!  It was nice to get home!  I do have to say that we did Valet Airport Parking and it was amazing!  We picked up a guy and he dropped us off at the airport and then we called when we picked up our baggage after we landed and he picked us up with the air blasting!  After dropping him off we were on our way home.  It was as close to having someone drop/pick us up at the airport!  It was a HUGE help with all our stuff and the 2 kids!  :o)


Happy 1/2 Birthday Sweet Baby Girl!

Time is flying this time around.  I thought Kellen's 1st year went fast, but I don't think it was this fast.  It doesn't help that she is a BUSY baby!  We would laugh we I was pregnant that she was so busy and constantly moving...well she is the same now!  Here is what she has been up to...

Quinn vs. Kellen @ 6 Months
  •  At her 6 month check up she weighed in at 19 lbs 2 oz and measured at 28 inches tall (off the charts).  She is pretty tall!  The Dr said she is perfect!  :)  She is wearing mostly 9 month clothing, but can fit a few 6 month things and a few 12 month things!  She is still wearing a size 1 shoe.  She still has all of her hair and it is getting so long and curly!  I love it!  :o) It is the perfect hair for bows!  

  •  She is still eating roughly every 3 hours and will have 4-5 bottles a day.  I have tried to change this, but she isn't having it!  She is still getting mostly mommy milk (yay me for pumping for 6 months), but I have to supplement every now and then!  She is loving her cereal & fruit or veggie at night!  She is now getting a whole jar of food and a little bit of cereal!  I think we are going to start some morning food and try to meats!  We will see how that goes!  

  • This month she has totally taken off!  I mean that literally!  Ha!  As soon as she learned to roll over she has been all over the place and then it soon turned into Army crawling!  We have had to put out gates back up to contain her a little!  She no longer loves the jump-a-roo because she knows that I am putting her in there to contain her!  Ha!  When she sets her sights on something she has the most determined look on her face as she crawls for it!  She has started to get on her hands and knees and will rock back and forth a bit, but hasn't got it quite figured out yet!  She keeps this mommy busy!  Nothing and I mean nothing is safe!  She is slowly mastering sitting up, but she really does not enjoy sitting still...she would rather be on the move!  :o)

  • She is such a happy girl!  We think there is a tooth coming, because she has been a little fussier than normal, but really she is happy (unless hungry or tired)!   We are in a really good schedule right now.  She is taking 2 naps that will last anywhere from 1-3 hours at 10 & 2ish (sometimes a 3rd is thrown in there if both naps are short).  She usually goes to bed between 7 - 7:30 and will sleep till 6ish, she will take a bottle and then go back down for an hour or two.  She really is an easy and good baby!  :o)

  • Her smile can still melt my heart and make Daddy want to give her anything!  We have decided she is going to be trouble as she gets older!  Kellen was an observer as a baby and would sit back and watch everything around him totally curious about the world.   Quinn watches your every movement and then wants to jump in the middle of it!  I have already decided that she is going to be a leader and she is destined for great things!  :o)  

  •  She LOVES her brother.  He can do NO wrong!!!  Where ever he is she wants to be to.  Kellen LOVES her too (too much sometimes)!!!  He wants to hold her and feed her, but she is way to wiggly!  :o)  I hope that they keep that bond forever!  :o) I know that he will protect her from any of the trouble that I know she will find!  :o)

  • She had a few 1st over the last month....She went on her first trip that included going on an airplane!  Lets just say we won't be flying again anytime soon!  ha!  She went on her 1st tractor ride and loved it so much she fell asleep!  :o)  Other than the plane part of the trip she was amazing!  She adapted really well to the time change and was a trooper!  She got to meet so many people and gave out so many smiles and put up with MANY different people holding her!!!  And it was unanimous that everyone wants to keep her!  Now if only we could get to MT and not have to fly or drive for 4 days!  Ha!  :o)  

Dear Quinn Luree

You have been an absolute joy.  You are the perfect addition to our family.  You are strong willed and determined and mommy loves every moment with you!  You LOVE your big brother no matter what he does to you!  :o) Your smile can warm any room and you are usually quick to give one!  I know that even when I walk into your room in the dark you are smiling at me...I can feel it and hear your excitement!  It is one of those smiles that even if your mouth is hidden you can see it in your eyes!  I hope that you always keep that smile. You are keeping mommy & daddy on our toes!  You are busy and want to be in the middle of everything!  I think if you could figure it out you would stand up and run with the big kids.  We love you so much!  We have so many hopes and dreams for you, but the biggest is that you will keep your determination in life to go after what ever you want.  We hope that you will always be quick to smile.  We hope that you will always love your brother just as much as you do today.  We also hope that he will adore you as much as he does today!

Love Mommy

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