Guest Bedroom!

If you have not read Kelly's Korner then you must. She has the cutest little girl named Harper, she is a couple of weeks older than Kellen! She has started a tour of homes on Friday's. I have been wanting to participate, but so far I have not seemed to have time to take the pictures! Today I decided to make time! :-) This week is Guest Rooms...I have enjoyed looking at all the rooms it has given me a lot of ideas! :) So welcome to my home! Enjoy!

My best friend is an Art teacher so I hired her to help me paint! :) She came up with this idea to paint a dark stripe around the bottom! I loved it and welcomed the help with painting the house. When we moved in two years ago the walls were builder white. Let's just say the only white you will find now is in the closets! :) I had so much fun with picking colors. The guest room is one of my favorite rooms in the house. I had wanted to do old pictures of our families, but I never got around to collecting them from the grandparents...maybe one day! So instead I went with a around the world theme!

As you are walking into the room...I found these mask's at Garden Ridge! :)

The view from the door!
The mask's next to the bookshelf I found on clearance at Pier 1.
(My favorite store!)

View from the end of the bed.
I love this bed...it has leather on the backboard.
I love the drum table as a night stand (from World Market)

The book shelf was a find at world market and it has trinkets from our travels
and pictures of all our grandparents on their wedding day. I had
displayed these at my wedding! :)

There is also some pictures of the world on one wall, but the picture did not turn out!
The closet is full and is almost scary to open! :) It houses all our games, extra blankets, and file cabinets, since our office has since been turned into a baby room! Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Have a great weekend!


  1. You have a lovely guest room...thanks for the tour!

  2. I love the stripe at the bottom, thanks for the tour!

  3. Hi Stephanie, your guest room is lovely.


  4. AWESOME guest room! Can I hire you to do my house?

  5. Thanks for stopping my my blog! Your guest room is so pretty! That was a great idea to paint the stripe!

  6. Wow Amazing guest room! What A great theme too. I love the idea of keeping trinkets from your travels in that room!!

  7. Very nice guest room. I really like the colors.


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