More Fall Fun...

I am not sure where the month of November went (or December for that matter)! I don't think there was one free weekend...between the baby shower, birthday parties, & a big show for Little Boo...Thansgiving was here before I knew it! So here we go...

November 5th ~
We celebrated our dear friend Charles' birthday.

November 6th ~
We celebrated the Rehm's & their bundle of joy.

November 12th ~
Celebrated my nieces 6th birthday & mine!

Smores & Campfire Punch have become a new favorite!  

November 19 & 20 ~
Spray berry high school arts & crafts show

Thanksgiving ~

We had a small Thanksgiving this year with my Mom, Andy (Matt's Borther) and our niece Ansley!  It was really nice to just hang out and relax!  Of course there was a ton of food and we ate too much!  :o)  It was my mom's first pecan pie and it turned out almost perfect according to Matt the official Pecan Pie taster!  :o)

This fall has gone so fast...It is looking like winter is going to go just as fast!

December fun coming soon...


Fall Fun ~ October

I keep wondering where time is going, but it never seems to slow down. It seems like the harder I try to catch up the further I fall behind. Fall is my favorite time of year...it also seems to be the busiest time of the year. This year was a whole new kinda crazy...a couple weeks before Labor Day I decided to take Little Boo Creations to the next step and I opened an Etsy store...little did I know that it would take off and turn my life upside down. I am beyond blessed and to say the least my first Halloween season was a huge success. Thanks to my husband who spent so many nights picking up my slack as I worked so hard to make sure all my orders went out on time. Also a BIG thanks to my mama who did so much of the prep work and did a really good job of keeping me organized.

I did manage to sneak in a few fun play dates here and there...

 We also enjoyed a trip to the Berry Patch Farms! It was a great day spent with the Goodwald family. It was our first time to this farm, but it turned out perfect. Kellen had a blast running through all the pumpkins...he refused to stop and smile for the camera.

We enjoyed a pizza lunch and while the kiddos napped at home...the girls headed out to do some shopping! We ended the day with chili and being surrounded by dear friends!

Marquitta came for her annual October visit and she was able to stay with us. I think Kellen loved having her here...the first morning he kept peeking into her room waiting for her to wake up! She was a huge help to me and I even got to slip away to spend some time with the the ladies from my bible study! One of our favorite things is the fact she made Kellen's costume this year...we kept asking him what he wanted to be and he answered "a Christmas tree"...so after many other failed ideas..we ended up with Super Boo-Boo!

On Halloween, the Goodwald family joined us for mummy calzones & trick or treating! It was so much fun this year...Kellen would say trick o tweet! He had so much fun seeing all the costumes! He kept saying it was a "costume party"! Some of you may know that we don't give Kellen candy...not because we made a conscious decision not to, but because we just don't. I mean the kid has never had a Popsicle. I know...totally abused right? I was a little nervous how this year might go, because he is learning what candy is...but he was more into playing with it than eating it!


So that ends are October! It was so much fun and we made some great memories!


Recent Pictures of the Portman Family...

In the last couple of months we have has several professional picture sessions!  Now that I have my new computer I am hoping this blogging thing will not be so hard or I would like to believe that has been my excuse for not blogging much at all this year!  So here we go...

June ~ Kristi with Up & Away Photography

I met Kristi on Facebook and she is the sweetest, nicest person ever!  It had been a while since we had Kellen's pictures taken so I was curious to see how he would do with pictures.  This is what she was able to capture...

September ~ Ashly Tucker ~ Once Upon a Tucker

Time to get ready for Christmas cards and Ashly caught the perfect pictures....

Last but not least...Marquitta took us for pictures at Sears.  They did a pretty good job and you would never know that Kellen was having a melt down throughout the whole appointment!


My Favorite Picture!!!

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