18 Months! Really???

 Parade on the 4th of July!!!
Where oh where is my snuggly little baby that I had yesterday?  Kellen is growing way to fast and the days seem to be going faster.  I just know the tomorrow I will wake up and Kellen will be asking for the keys to my car or packing up to go away to college.  So I have been trying to just enjoy every minute with Kellen and take it all in and hope that I will never forget a minute!  What is Kellen up to these days...

  4th of July!!!

  • He is still on the same nap schedule and will take a 2 to 3 hour nap in the afternoon.  Then he will sleep anywhere from 11 to 12 hours at night!  We have a great night time routine and I love it.  Around 7:30 we head up for bath time or these days he does not mind taking a shower with daddy.  As long as it involves water he is good.  Then it is snuggle time...this is the time I cherish so much, because he is already getting too big for my lap so I know the days are numbered!  We will read and Kellen loves to read.  We usually go through 5-6 books at night before it is bed time.  Then we turn on his music and give lots of kisses and hugs and he lays down and usually is a sleep within 5 minutes!  We do a similar version for nap time (minus the bath)!  :o) 

Eating Playing Breakfast!
  • He is still eating great for us.  This child can pound away some food!  While at the Dr's for his 18 month check up she told us to not be alarmed if his eating habits change in the near future...this just means his need for that much food is no longer there as his growing starts to even out a little.  
 More 4th of July (Water Fun @ Deanna's)
  • He is weighing in at 27 lbs 9 oz and is 33.75 inches tall.  He is wearing size 6 shoes.  Size 4 diapers.  He is wearing anywhere between an 18 month (which is in its last days and it is getting a little small) to a 2T (which is a little big, but is works) in shirts and still wearing an 18 months in bottoms.  I am so ready for fall (I have had enough of the HOT weather), but have no clue what size to start buying.  So I am slowly starting to buy Kellen a few things here and there when I find some really good deals.  I know that he will probably wear a 2T in shirts but bottoms I just don't know.  He is so tall and skinny!  
 Watching Fireworks (WAY past Kellen's bedtime, but he did GREAT)!
  • As far as words we are still just on Ma and Da, but he jabbers up a storm.  The pediatrician said that it is due to the fact he is so advanced physically that is where his brain has focused.  She said that any time between now and 2 his language skills will probably blow up!  But just to be on the safe side she gave us the number for Babies Can't Wait.  It is a free program that will come to your home and do a speech evaluation on your child.  From there I am not sure of what else they offer, but I believe they will work with your child till the age of 3.  So I am in the waiting game now to hear back from someone to set up the appointment!  She said it should be sometime in the next week or so!  

 Soft Play area at Town Center Mall (Great for HOT days)!!!
  • Kellen will tell us where his nose, eyes, mouth, head, and ears are when he wants too!  He is really starting to imitate everything we do.  It is so much fun to watch.  He learned how to do an elephant imitation too!  He will but is harm up and wiggle his hand like it is a trunk and them make a raspberry like sound!  It is too cute!  He will also tell us what a car says..."vroom, vroom"!  He loves to talk on the phone (everything is a phone or a car).  Kellen is still dancing...any music that comes on he will dance away! 

 Running in the Park with Daddy!

  • My hope is to try to get him in daycare two mornings a week just to get some socialization skills going (and to let mommy get some things done around the house).  We will see how that goes and Matt continues his search for a job.  Things are starting to look positive.  There are more calls coming in with possibilities as before there was not much response to the things that he was putting out.  So we will see!

 Daddy Let me play in the sink!
  • My favorite thing is Kellen's hugs and kisses!  He gives a tight hug and then will kiss you and make the "mwah" sound while he does it!  I love it and hope he never gets too old to give his mama hugs and kisses! 

 It starts out just hanging out on the couch...then the TICKLE MONSTER comes out!

    I can't believe that he is 18 months!  It just is so hard to believe.  I can't imagine my life with out him.  He has the power to change any of my moods!  I can't help but smile when he does or laugh when he does.  We had family pictures taken at Sears with Marquitta while she was here and our good friend Ashly took Kellen's 18 month pictures!  To see Ashly's...

    Go to www.jasonpendley.com
    Go to "Clients"
    Go to "The Portman Family" (near the bottom)
    There is not a password!

    Family Pictures w/Marquitta


    Mr Kellen, my Boo-Boo

    You are such a joy to your daddy and me!  We love getting to wake up to your jabbering in the morning!  Your hugs and kisses are the best!  Please don't ever get TOO old to give your mommy a hug and a kiss!  Your sweet laugh makes mommy and daddy laugh with you!  We laugh a lot during the day!  Mommy loves being home with you.  Daddy loves it too, but I think he may be ready to head back to work!  I think we wear daddy out!  :o)  I love you Boo-Boo!  

    Love Mommy!

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