Growing like a weed...

I really wish that I could stop time and keep Kellen just the way he is at this moment in time!  He is SO much fun!  He is growing so fast and changing almost daily.  It seems like just yesterday he was spouting out a few words and now he is talking in sentences (very broken ones, but 3 to 4 words).  One of my favorite things is when he cries now he will say "I cry"!  His other favorite is "I want"!  We are working on some manners!

I can't believe that in two days Kellen will officially be 2 1/2 years old!  Where is my baby???  I know I say it all the time, but I know it was just yesterday that I was driving to the hospital to have him.

He still loves his Daddy!  As soon and he gets home he wants nothing to do with Mommy.  I can't even walk into the kitchen to get him juice, because he wants Daddy to do it!  He is attached to him at the hip.  It is so fun to watch them together.  Matt is a HERO in Kellen's eyes!

We are working on "No" with Kellen!  Kellen LOVES to say "No, No, No" and he has the finger wag to go a long with it! :o)  He is getting a little bossy!  But from what I hear this is normal for his age!  Haha!

He loves books, puzzles, trains, cars, music and ANYTHING to do with Mickey Mouse!  One of his favorite things to do is march around the house with his kazoo and drum.  It is SO darn cute!  I really want to take him to Disney...I think he would LOVE it!  :o) 

He still will eat pretty much everything.  He seems to go through stages of being picky, but I think he is just becoming more and more opinionated.  He loves Mac & Cheese...he would eat the whole box if I let him!  His favorite snack is Animal Crackers that he calls "Cookies"!

Kellen has learned most of his colors, so we love to play the color game each morning letting him tell me what color his clothes are and what color are mommy's?  The other morning he suprised me saying "orange stripes".  He was right...I had no idea he knew stripes from solids!   We are still working on counting, but he seems to know 1,2,3, 6, & 10.  He loves to repeat letters as we spell out words.  We are working on his spelling Kellen and helping him realize his name is Kellen and not Boo~Boo!  Somebody suggested I get the "Letter Factory" from Leap Frog!  So I think I will look into getting that!  

He is learning people's names and it is so cute...He knows "Chris", "Gabbi", & "Jen" and says it SO cute when he says it!  He loves his Nana (my mom) and Papa (Matt's Dad)...and get SO excited to see them!

I just know that I am going to wake up tomorrow and he will be getting is drivers license...My baby is not a baby anymore! 


I wouldn't change a thing...

FYI:  This is a LONG one so I am okay if you don't make it all the way through...but I did dig up some old pictures (they are scanned in so the quality is not the greatest)!

I have been doing a lot of thinking about my life and everything I have been through and this is what I came up with... 

Oh how my life has changed...

And I would not change a single thing, because I know God has a plan for my life.

I really would not change anything in my life.  I have a couple of regrets, but those were in High School and really what 16 year old makes ALL the right choices.  They really are silly regrets...such as dating a certain boy and giving up cheerleading & Volleyball to work so that I could pay for the car I wanted so I wouldn't have to share one with my brother!  Really...other than that I wouldn't change a thing...

I wouldn't change...the fact that at the age of 19 I got on a plane for the the first time and flew across the country to work for a family I had only talked to on the phone.  I had seen pictures of the kids, but never the parents.  I got off the plane and Danica said she didn't think it was me, because I acted like I knew who I was looking for.  God knew that I was strong enough to get through it...because moving from a town of 3500 people in Montana is A LOT different that living in down town Atlanta!  It was a culture shock and I mean a HUGE culture SHOCK!!!  But I listened to my Dad when he said, "Don't come back...there is nothing here for you".  It was a little harsh, but SO true.  I think God was making sure I got the message!

 Graduation Day (1997)     Lewis Family 1998-1999

Leonard Family 1999-2000  ~ ~ ~ ~  Bressler Family 2000 - 2003

I wouldn't change...the fact that a few weeks before I was to move back home I met Matt online (before it was cool...it was on msn personal ads) and I also was offered another nanny position.  God knew what he was doing and at the time even though I didn't know if there was a God...maybe a higher power in the universe, but a God...nah!

 One of our first pictures together ~ ~ ~ Celebrating our 4 Year "Dating" Anniversary

 Christmas & New Years 2001
New Years 2005

I wouldn't change...the fact that Matt and I were together forever 5 years before he proposed to me with his Grandmother's diamond...I love my ring!!!
  I wouldn't change...the fact that we had to go through, drug issues, gambling debt, depression, job loss, or lack of money along with all of the good things.  I probably would change the fact that I drank a lot before Matt actually asked me to marry him and I don't really remember what he said.  If you ask him, I grabbed it and started running around and yelling "I got it, I got it"!!!  But I really don't think that is what I did...I am not really that dramatic! 

I wouldn't change...the fact that two years into our marriage we made the decision to wait to have kids so that I could go back to school and finish...then we would talk about having kids.  Little did we know that as we made those plans, God was laughing (and the picture I have in my head is one of God laughing REALLY hard).  Because literally as we were making those plans...I was already pregnant.  

I wouldn't change...the fact that Kellen was a total surprise and we were over the moon about the news.  I was always so afraid to admit that I wanted to have a baby...I was (and still am) so afraid that I will not be a good mama and I will pass on all of the "issues"  I have (I will save those "issues" for another post).  But God knew that I was missing something, but just didn't know it want to admit it!  I also wouldn't change the fact that at that moment I KNEW there was a God and everything was going to work out just right!  

I wouldn't change...the fact that I was let go from my job that I loved and just knew in my heart that it was my forever job...it was where I belonged!  I believe this was all part of God's plan.  I just knew that when I had kids I would continue working and I would NOT be a stay-at-home mama!   But I knew the minute I held him I didn't want to go back.  I wanted to stay at home with him.  So when I got the dreaded call that my position was being eliminated I was more afraid to tell Matt than what the future held.  

I might have changed the fact that I had to go back to work as a temp and it was awful.  Kellen was sick all the time and it broke my heart that I had to take him to daycare when he was SO not feeling good.  But I wouldn't change the friendships that I made while I was there and it really helped me make up my mind that I didn't want to work.  So God jumped in again and my position was eliminated.  I also believe that God was working on Matt's heart at this time, because he was SO understanding and wanted to make sure that I was able to stay at home.  

I wouldn't change...the fact that a couple months later Matt was let go from his job.  I wouldn't change the 6 months that we got with him at home...even when it was a little trying to have SO much together time.  I wouldn't change the fact that we didn't know how we were going to pay our bils and even when the scary letters started coming about our home being foreclosed on I knew it would all be okay (that doesn't mean I didn't stress, but there was a sense of peace in my heart).  

I wouldn't change...the fact that during this time we found a church home and we were welcomed with open arms.  I wouldn't change the fact that we have the most awesome family and friends.  They showed us SO much support (and still do).  I wouldn't change the fact that we REALLY learned the power of prayer!!!  I have seen some answered prayers!  Once again God was there with us when Matt found another job just in time!  Our house was saved & It was just in time for the Holidays!!!  We have a lot of catching up to do, but we will get there one day! 

I wouldn't change...the fact that through it all we have stayed healthy, we still love each other, and we are together as a family.  I am not going to say that our marriage is perfect!  The stress from the last year had taken a toll and we will have to do some rebuilding and relearning on how to communicate.  

The biggest lesson I have learned is that while we can plan and plan our lives...God ALWAYS gets the last laugh has a plan!  But I wouldn't have it any other way!!!

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