Kellen is Growing!!!

We had another ultrasound today! It is amazing how much he has grown in the last 4 weeks. The Dr says he weighs 1 lb 7 oz and if he continues to grow as he is on average he will weigh 8 lbs 5 oz at birth! We got to see his heart today, which was very cool. The Dr showed us the four chambers and said all looks good. The Dr pointed out his kidneys, bladder, and aorta. He said that Kellen's kidneys still have a little extra fluid in them, but have not changed since last time. He said this is a good sign and we have nothing to worry about, unless they start collecting more fluid. The pictures on the left are of Kellen in his favorite position and that is laying on his tummy with his legs pulled up underneath him. The top picture on the right is of his little fingers. It is so cool to be able to see his hand. The bottom right picture is of his face. His face is really starting to fill out. Baby Kellen is growing and doing well. I still am in a little bit of denial that he will be here in 4 months or so. The closer it gets the more excited we get. Jerilyn and I have come up with a plan for Kellen's room and I can't wait to see the finished product!


Where is the time going?

I have not figured out where September has went, as October is just around the corner. We continue to slowly get ready for Kellen's arrival. We found a GREAT deal on a 9 piece bedding set on e-bay for $50!!! It arrived a few days later...brand new and still in the package. I was a little bit skeptical of what the quality would be like, but it is super cute and very well made...now all we need to do is paint the walls. The picture is from the website and we got everything you see except the hamper and the diaper changer cover. I will post a picture of Kellens room once we have the walls painted! We found a great deal on a diaper bag so we ordered that and got Kellen's monogram on it! It came this week and it is huge. My mom tells me that it is the perfect size for all of the baby stuff I will soon be carrying around. A couple of my coworkers have got me a few gifts...Melissa gave me some of the cutest onsies. One says, "100% Boy" and the other one says, "I love mommy". She also gave a cute pair of comfy pants to match. I can't wait to see him in them! Matt felt a little left out so I got him a onsie that says, "Daddies MVP". Kathy gave me a bib that I think is too cute to use! It may end up in a shadow box or something, because it would be a shame to mess it up! :) I had a check up this week and all is well. Kellen is growing as he should and his heartbeat is very good. As for me, I am good too! Everything is going really well and time is going very fast. A couple weeks ago Amanda told us that her and Kevin are pregnant again, so Kellen will have a cousin close in age. She is due April 1st, so they will only be a couple months apart. Our family sure is growing! I can't believe that talk has already begun about the holidays. It really does feel like yesterday that we were telling everyone we were pregnant. Before we know it Kellen will be here and we will have lots more pictures to share!!!


A Saturday Morning at Babies R Us

With such an exciting week we decided to end it with registering for our baby boy! Who knew that babies need SO much stuff. Matt and I were at Babies R Us first thing Saturday morning to register. We were there for THREE hours....everyone was so helpful. If they saw us standing in an isle staring at all the different things they would kindly ask, "Is this your first?" Then they would suggest a few items that seemed to be popular. Then once we got to the car seats we had no clue what we were doing...So we asked the guy working in the department and he spent 30 minutes talking with us about the different safety ratings on the different seats. Then he let us make our decision on the information he gave us. I think Matt learned his lesson when we registered for our wedding and I never got to hold the scanner once. :) I had done some research before going and had got lots of advice from other new moms, but I don't think anyone can prepare you for registering for a new baby. It was fun picking out different things from bibs to toys, but overwhelming too. I was very concerned about registering for things that we needed , but I wasn't sure if we were getting everything that we needed! I felt better about it once we got home and I could look at it online and see the big picture. Kellen's room is really starting to look like a babies room. We have all the furniture in there and we got the mattress this weekend. We are still looking for a rocking chair, but I think I found one that will fit in the room. I just can't believe how fast time is going and how soon our little boy will be here!
Link to Babies R Us...



It is a BOY!!!

I think that Matt is still grinning from ear to ear. We found out this morning that our little Bean is a boy, his name is Kellen Russell. He was moving a lot in the beginning and then decided to go to sleep, but we got to see different body parts...it was very weird! After we were done we sat down with a Dr and went through all the different body parts that they looked at and measured. Who knew that they could tell so much about a baby before they were even born. they looked at his kidneys, brain, legs, arms, bladder, lip and nose. Each part they measured and were looking for certain things. One of his Kidney's is a little enlarged, but the Dr said that is nothing to be alarmed about, there are many reasons for it and they will keep an eye on it over the next couple of ultra sounds, but they looked at his nose and lip to see if he had a cleft lip...but he looked normal. His heart beat was around 156 and normal. He really looks like a baby. The top ultrasound picture is of him face down and you can see his spine. The bottom picture is of his face looking at us...you have to look at it sideways! They are not the best pics this time, but hopefully you will be able to see something! Of course now Matt says that I have to watch football with him this season! We will see about that!

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