Three Months Old!

I know that I have said this more than once, but where is the time going! In the last few weeks Kellen has really started to change. He is getting a little more chubby every day! :) He has found his hands and loves to watch them. He has really started to take notice of the world around him. Over night he has started to hold his head up really well. He is still such a wiggler...When we change his diaper on the changing table he wiggles, and giggles, and just talks to you. I only wish I knew what he was saying! :) It also makes it really hard to change him, because as soon as you put his legs in something he will kick them really fast so you have to start over...he thinks this is very funny! We have started to put him in his jump-a-roo, he can just touch the floor with his tip toes and he loves to bounce in it. There is this toy on it that you can spin and he loves to spin it! It is too funny. On his activity mat he has taken noticed to a purple elephant...he loves to bat it around...it is so much fun to watch him. He still loves his bath...I am going to have to find a different way, because he loves to kick his legs in the water and I end up just as wet as him! He also loves to look in the mirror while he gets a bath and he will be all quiet and then all of a sudden he kicks his legs and arms and smiles! It is so fun to watch him. He is trying really hard to roll over. He can get the bottom half of his body, but the top half just doesn't seem to follow. I am still fighting him at nap time...he will only sleep in his swing. I know that it is a bad habit to start, but I would never get anything done and he would be so fussy if he didn't nap there! He is doing really well at night. He loves his mobile and will talk to it until he falls asleep. He is now sleeping anywhere from 5 1/2 to 7 1/2 hours then will wake up and eat then go back to sleep. I am really looking forward to a solid 8 hours of sleep! :) Matt and I are so blessed to have Kellen in our lives. I really can't imagine my life without him!


A New Job for Mommy!

I have mentioned before that this week coming up was the dreaded week of me heading back to work, but there has been a development. It has taken me a while to sort out how I felt about the situation so that I could talk about it. There are still things that Matt and I have to work out, but I am more at peace with the situation now and am able to talk about it with out crying.

Many of you know that I worked at the corporate office of a Staffing company. Along with many other companies in the world today they have had to make some cut backs. They started to happen late last year, but we all had hope that things were about to turn the corner. When I left work to head to the hospital to have Kellen, I had this feeling that I would not be returning to work for some reason or another. Well that reason became known a couple of weeks ago.....

I was on the phone with my boss and she let me know that there was something that she needed to tell me...at that moment I think the world stopped. I think I had an out of body experience as she told me that they were going to have to stay where they were and that they were not going to be able to have me back. She told me that Axiom was my home and that they were all working really hard to get me back to where I belonged. After I got off the phone I sat on the stairs for a while crying and not understanding why this was happening to me. What were we going to do? We had just had a baby...what were we going to do??? I was so afraid to call Matt and tell him, since it was during the peak of tax season I did not want to add anymore stress. But all I wanted was to talk to him and hear him say it will all be okay. He is the most amazing man I know...He said everything I needed to hear..."Everything will be okay" and "Now you get to spend some extra time with Kellen" and "You are where you are needed right now" and "We will make everything work"!!! I was still hurting, but I felt this huge weight lifted off of me as Matt talked to me.

Even though I know that it was a business decision and it was nothing against me, it is hard to not take it personally. I was so proud of my job, I love the company and the people were my family. They had been though my wedding planning with me and my pregnancy and through many other milestones in my life. I just can't imagine working anywhere else. Then I started to really dread going back to work...one of my coworkers said it was so hard to come back to work after having her baby, but because she worked at such a wonderful company it made it easier. I became angry that I would not have that. I told my mom that when I find another job it will be so hard to leave Kellen and I will be surrounded by strangers that will probably think I am strange for sitting at my desk and crying! For a good week I just felt bitterness in my heart. It took me a while to figure out why and what I was bitter about. Then once I realized what it was the bitterness melted. I was not bitter at the decision that was made or why it was made I was bitter about the whole situation. I am not one for change...having a baby is a huge change and I welcomed that change, but then to add losing my job on top of the big change that were already happening...I was ready to break.

After I was able to see past the bitterness and the hurt, I welcomed this change. I realized what a blessing that I was given. I now get to spend some extra time at home with Kellen. I know that I can't stay home forever, but for now I can enjoy some time with my little man. He is changing so much...we are hitting some new milestones and I know that a few more are in the near future. He is really starting to have a personality and even though he is showing some signs of my temper...it is too cute! So for now my new job tittle is Mommy!!!


Busy, Busy Week!

Last week was so busy and I didn't get a chance to share all of our adventures, so I think that I will start with Easter and work backwards! :)

Kellen and his Easter basket! :)

Back Row: Russ, Glenn
Front Row: Chantal, Giselle, Grandma Dee, Jim

For Easter we had a few of my mom's friends over for an Easter Lunch. My mom made a very yummy spread. It was so much fun to sit and chat and eat and enjoy the company. I love to entertain and any excuse to break out the china! :) It is always fun to use all the fun stuff that we got for our wedding, but the company was the best. Chantal is from South Africa and has the funniest stories to tell! We have some great memories! Later in the evening we went over to Mimi and Papa's. Andy, Crystal, and Ansley were there too. We just had some snacks and enjoyed catching up on all the latest in our lives. It was wonderful.

On Saturday, Kellen and I went and visited Daddy's office. Matt was so proud to introduce Kellen to everyone. He was too cute taking Kellen around and saying, "Kellen this is so and so" After that Kellen stayed with Grandma Dee and I went to lunch with some girlfriends. I love spending time with Kellen, but it was sure nice to get some adult time. It seemed like a short lunch, but three hours passed! As the day went on what I thought was allergies soon proved to not be as I had a fever that spiked 101 degrees! So off to Urgent Care I went...I was so worried I would give it to Kellen and wanted to make sure that I was not contagious. I have sinusitis and they put me on antibiotics.

On Friday, Kellen and I had lunch with Dawn. Of course Kellen slept through the entire lunch. It was nice to catch up with her. Thanks for the great lunch Dawn!!!

On Thursday, Grandma Dee joined us and we went to the mall to visit with the Easter bunny. Kellen did really well. He slept through the whole thing. I was so sure that I was going to get a picture of him screaming or something! :) He proved me wrong.

On Wednesday, we went to lunch with Jennifer. Kellen was so good he was wide awake and just fell right to sleep while Jenn and I talked. He is such a good boy. I really have so much to be thankful for.

Monday and Tuesday were spent at home together snuggling the day away!

It was such a great week. Grandma Dee is still on vacation this week and Matt is off for 3 days after the 15th. It will be nice to spend some time as a family. I am sure that there will be many more stories to share! :)


Four Generations

This last weekend Matt's Grandparents were in town so we enjoyed a visit with them. While they were in town I wanted to make sure that we got a four generations picture. Of course Kellen did the best he could, but here is the best picture of the bunch! Matt is proud of this picture it is four generations of the first born Portman men.

It was so cute that night cousin Ansley helped out with Kellen...she helped feed him and change him. She even got to hold him...As you can see Kellen was not to happy in the picture, but she was so proud.


Book Fair!

On Tuesday we took a trip to Grandma Dee's school. Her school was having a book fair so I jumped at the chance to go and buy some books for Kellen. Along with buying some books, we got to meet all the people that Grandma Dee works with....they sure loved Kellen. He got a lot of attention and we heard how cute he was over and over. I think he is too cute, but I am his mommy so I am supposed to think that! We were there for almost two hours and he did so well. Grandma Dee was so proud of her grandson...it was fun to see.

Other than that it has been a very low key week. With all the rain I have been hanging out at home and just snuggling up with my little man and watching movies. It seemed like the perfect week for that.

Matt's grandparents are here for the weekend so I am sure that we will be busy with family activities. I hope to get a generation picture with the four generations that will be here. It will be a great picture to have. Matt is still working a ton...I am looking forward to tax season being over with. Matt has worked every Saturday since Kellen was born except two. I am excited to spend some good family time together.

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