Life Update...

I am not sure where September has gone AND I really can't believe that it is October 1st next Monday!  Here are a few updates on what the Portman's have been up too...

Kellen is LOVING school and had a really hard time this week with Fall break!  He really loves the Science program that he has on Wednesdays.  They have looked in magnifying glasses & made snow.  He even got to bring home some snow!  He is enjoying Spanish too...He has learned "Hola" & "Adios"  it is so cute to hear him say it!

August 29th (22 weeks 1 Day) we went in for another ultrasound so they could check out a few things that they couldn't see at 18 weeks.  I have a feeling she may be a little "sassy"!  She was opening and closing her mouth like she had something to say about us looking in on her!  At one point she even stuck her tongue out at us! She was just as stubborn this time and we almost had to go back for a third try, but at the end the Dr was able to come in and see the last two things they needed!  She is looking great and growing just like she should be...here are a couple pictures of her...
Her sticking her tongue out at us!
Side Profile with her hand up by her face!

I have had two Dr's appointments since the last update.  One at 22 weeks...It was a 20 minute appointment (my kinda appt) and they just checked everything and listened to Miss Quinn's heart beat...she likes to move a lot on the Dr so she has a hard time sometimes!  Ha!  The other appointment was at 25 weeks...Same thing all is good just checking out the normal stuff!  Next appointment I have to do the dreaded glucose test and drink the awful stuff that tastes like a flat Orange Soda...CAN I TELL YOU HOW MUCH I HATE ORANGE SODA!!!

This pregnancy is flying by!!!  Matt and I were talking about how we are having a baby in 3 months!  CRAZY!   I have to say my second trimester has been pretty easy I am less tired these days and on a mission to get things done!  I have gone through most of the baby stuff and have it pretty organized and her room is coming along!  All I can say is Pinterest has played a large part in the decorating of her room!  Matt's mom is going to make the curtains on her visit here in November and I can't wait to see how they turn out!  They are Anthropologie inspired, but would cost almost $200 a panel if I ordered them!  Ha!  My good friend Amy is going to make the bedding (well if I ever get her the measurements)!  

I have to say I have not really had very many cravings during this pregnancy, but a couple weeks ago I did ask Matt to go to Walmart at 10:30 pm because I wanted a poptart (not the frosted ones...the plain one with butter)!  Ha!  I waited till the next day to get them, but man did that poptart taste good!  She is a KICKER!  Kellen was not really a kicker...he was a stretcher and mover!  She kicks hard and a lot!  The other night she had a dance party at 4AM (for at least 30 minutes).  Matt even commented on how hard she kicks.  Kellen got to feel it and laughed SO hard!  Another difference is that I was anxious with Kellen, but I am almost more anxious this time around...they are a different set of anxieties, but I am just glad I have GREAT friends that have listened to my crazy rantings and brought me back from the edge!!!  I have also had to swear off reading other blogs (unless I know you), because I have read so many things and it seems to add to my "crazy"!  

Matt is working hard at his job, as a board member of our neighborhood's HOA, and team coach of a softball team!    In his free time I have him doing projects for me trying to get things organized and cleaned up.  He has been a HUGE help to my mom as she FINALLY closed on her new house (that is .7 miles from ours).  So he is staying pretty busy!  

The Boys Painting Miss Q's Room!
I am still working away on making Tutu's with Little Boo.  I have been super blessed with my Etsy Shop and love some of the people I have got to talk to from all over the world!  It keeps me busy and I am enjoying it and trying to keep up with the orders!  It has made it easier with Kellen in school, I seem to have a few more hours to get things done!  

Other than that we are just enjoying time together!  Kellen is so much fun right now and cracks us up daily with some of the things that comes out of his mouth!  I have started to write things down so when I have enough I will do a post with some the stuff he comes up with!  He keeps us on our toes.  We have had a lot of talks about good and bad consequences with him and are working on listening better!  I do have to say we have started watching "Daniel Tigers Neighborhood" on PBS (it is based off Mr. Rogers) and just from the two episodes we have watched he as learned SO much to help when he gets upset!  They have little songs that they will sing like 10 times in 30 minutes and so Kellen has them memorized by the end of the show!  A few times when he gets upset I will ask him what Daniel Tiger did and he calms down and thinks about it!  :o) Anything that works right now is good in my book!  Ha!  

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