Weekend with Daddy!

So I had my first night away from Kellen!  I have to say that it was a little strange!  I didn't sleep very well not hearing the white noise from the monitor.  I went to a Mary Kay conference and Kellen got to spend some MUCH needed time with Daddy!  Matt has been working some LONG hours these days and Kellen just loves getting to spend time with his Daddy!  Matt is gone every morning before Kellen wakes up and gets home after he has gone to bed.  He tries to not to do that more than two nights in a row, but as April 15th approaches the hours grow longer and longer.  So we cherish Sundays!  But this last weekend Kellen and Daddy got to hang out Friday night and all day on Saturday while Mommy was away!  Matt was SO excited!  I think Kellen was too....when Daddy walks in the room Kellen hangs on for dear life!  :o) They got to enjoy the sun and do what guys do...They went to Home Depot and to the playground and even did some shopping.

Kellen is so much fun these days.  His laugh makes my smile every time...it is a sound that I hope to never forget!  :o)  I just wish that I knew what he was thinking.  I don't want to wish him to grow up, but I sure wish that I could get a few words here and there!  He knows mama and dada and that is about it.  A lot of grunting and pointing is going on in this household and when Kellen wants you to do something he just puts your hands where he wants them and will pull or push you to get what he wants. 

I am enjoying my time at home with him!  :o)  He is changing so much and there is no baby at all left in him!  He is a little boy!  And let me tell you that he is ALL boy!  :o)  He is one special boy! 

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  1. He is a big boy...I just cannot believe how grown he looks. So glad that Matt got daddy time...that is the best..Scott loves that too and it is so good for them. Cant wait to get my hands on him!!


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