13 Months & Surgery!

So one day I will be organized and get this done on the actual day!   :o)  I keep setting a goal to blog at least once a week, but then the days seem to fly by and another week gets away from me!  Kellen is changing so much.  He doesn't look like a baby anymore!  He looks like a little man!  I am not sure what I am going to do...he is just growing so fast and time seems to be going faster!  I can't seem to keep up!  I have been so blessed to be at home with Kellen the last two months!  I have got to witness so many things that I would have missed if I was working so to say that me losing my job was a blessing is an understatement!  I got to watch Kellen as he really began to take off walking.  It seems like everyday he is leaning something new.  He is a very curious little boy and loves to explore everything!  Matt and I have truly been blessed.  We are just so lucky to be surrounded by a wonderful family and a great group of friends! 

The Dr's appointment on February 26th was very uneventful...I went in and the Dr had me sign the release again for Kellen's surgery and she took a quick peek to see if the surgery is needed.  I had been praying hard that she would say "Oh it looks like this is unneeded" and we would be sent home to never think about it again!  But she said "Yep, he still needs it"  And then two minutes later I was walking out dreading March 10th!  I know, I know it is supposed to be an easy surgery and a quick recovery, but does he REALLY have do go through it or can I do it for him!  I kind of been dreading talking about it....kind of if I don't talk about it, then it isn't real kind of thing.  But March 10th is getting closer and closer!  I know that it will be here before I know it.  I am supposed to get a call on Monday about the time of the surgery.  It will go by age, so I am hoping he will be the youngest of the day and can get in and out of there!  If I can just ask for you to pray for me to keep my sanity for this week I would greatly appreciate it! 

Now on to the fun things!  What is Kellen up to these days???

  • Kellen is still sleeping very well.  But I am so ready for daylight savings.  As the sun is coming up earlier so is Kellen!  :o)  Even though I get up around 6 each day, I am not getting to finish getting ready for the day before Kellen is waking up!  I have changed up his nap schedule a bit.  I have change him to one nap a day instead of two, but since he is getting up so early these days, it really is not working!  He is SO tired about 10 that he gets so CRANKY!  I have to say that he got that from his mama!!!  So I maybe changing him back to two naps a day...we will see how it goes.
  • Kellen is still loving all foods.  He is trying really hard to feed himself with a spoon, so meal times are taking a little longer these days.  We did find that he LOVES peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and avocados.  But so far so good, anything that we put in front of him he will try it!  :o)  
  • He still loves music and is dancing all the time.  I am trying to teach him to stomp his feet so it is funny to watch him!  I have to say that I spend a good portion of the day laughing at him because he is so darn cute!  :o)  Since the weather has had a few warmer days here and there we have ventured outside a lot more.  We have been walking 3 miles here and there when the weather will let us.  Kellen is so good...he will get in the stroller and just hang out and watch the dogs that walk buy or the cars.  He just hangs out!  
  • He is still wearing 18 months, a size 4 shoe and a size 4 diaper.  We have gone to 24 months in a few things, but it is just in a few jammies.  He is trying to help dress himself these days....it is too funny.  He will lay his socks on his feet and kind of look at them like "that's not right, but I know they go there"!
  • He is loving books right now.  It is so nice to be able to sit and read through the books.  We are usually able to get through 4 or 5 before bed time.  
  • About a week after his birthday we said bye bye to bottles and formula.  I really don't think that Kellen missed them at all.  It was like "whatever"  I don't need them.  I packed them all up and and he waved bye bye to them as I carried them upstairs!  :o)  It was so cute!  
  • He really isn't saying much, but he points and grunts when he wants something!  He will say "mama" and "dada" and something that kind of sounds like "boo", but other than that we get a lot of mumbo jumbo!  It is cute though.
  • I always said that my kid would not be a screamer, BUT I have a screamer.  I was on the phone with my mom in Old Navy the other day and Kellen screamed...she asked "who was that"?  I said "YOUR grandson"!  She was very quick to remind me that I said my child would never scream in public...what can I say???  Kellen also has a nasty habit of biting me.  We have been working hard on teaching him that mommy does not like biting or hitting...she only likes hugs and kisses.  He gives the best hugs and kisses right now!  Although he is not one for on demand (I have to say that he got that from his mama)...he is very when I want hugs or kisses or snuggles I want them on my terms!  But he still is the sweetest boy!  He is pretty quiet, but I think that he is taking everything in.  He really does not meet a stranger...he will go to anyone that holds their hands out!  The other day the cashier at Walmart held him while checking me out because Kellen kept pointing and grunting at her!  :o) 
Sorry for the lack of photos in the blog.  I am being lazy and wanted to get this posted before he turns 14 months!!!  :o)  I am hoping to get some cute ones tomorrow in the nice wonderful weather and I will post some tomorrow night!  


  1. I will be praying hard for yall on the 10th. Just remember this is harder for you than it is for K. Isnt it amazing how fast the kids are growing!!! So you are dealing with biting...its not fun. We have been dealing with it for a while too as you know and I have no advice for you...sorry. I dont think anything helps...I really feel like they will eventually grow out of it. Looking forward to seeing yall...SS and K can have a biting throw down..lol!!

  2. Luke was a biter too... happens very rarely now.. the thing that worked the best for me was to over react like a dramatic "ouch" and then put him down if I was holding him. He would usually bite my shoulder if I was holding him and he was not getting his way. It seemed to work for Luke if he knew he was hurting me.. believe me it did hurt and it only got worse as he got older in how hard he could bite... praying for the surgery!


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