Kellen's Fish Face!

Not sure as to why he is doing this, but this is how Kellen looks about 80% of the day! I don't know if it is because his teeth are coming in or if he just thinks if feels cool, but most of the day Kellen is walking around making the fish face! I love this picture, because it looks like he puckering up to give his mama a BIG kiss! :o) All I can say is Kellen is a hot mess!!!
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  1. He is puckering up for a big wet one from SS!!!

  2. that is adorable!

    I'm so glad the surgery went so well. I'm thankful you felt our prayers. I prayed a lot for the drs but also that K wouldn't be too hungry since Matt told me about the late surgery time! Sounds like God answered those!

    Talk to you soon!


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