Surgery Day!!!

Oh what a day! It went so fast that before I knew it it was over! Thank you again for all of the prayers and well wishes! I know I say this often but we are VERY lucky to be surrounded but such great people! :o) The day was actually very smooth and there must of been LOTS of prayers going out to help me keep calm, because I never got nervous or really freaked out! I got a little nervous when he first left and then felt anxious for him to return, because I thought it was taking too long! :o) But most of the time I felt a peace over me!

So the day started out like most other days. Kellen got up around 7ish and then he helped me make our bed and played while I finished getting ready. Then he had some Apple Juice and Jello for breakfast. I know that this sounds weird, but he couldn't have any solids after midnight! And normally he LOVES Jello, but he didn't want anything to do with it, so I let him have more juice than I normally would. Then Grandma Dee came over and we hung out and tried to give him some more Jello at 9ish since this was the last chance to eat for a while, but he just wasn't into it. So we let him have some more juice and then confiscated all sippies at 9:15. I had got Kellen down to one nap a day, but sometimes life is just too hard so he will take two naps. So at 10 am Grandma Dee but him down for a nap. He slept for about an hour and then we were off!

He was so good, never once did he get fussy since he had not had a lot of food. So we arrived at the out patient surgery center. Daddy was already there and Kellen was super excited to see him! While I checked Kellen in, Daddy and Grandma Dee hung out with Kellen. Kellen did more playing than anything. There was a tunnel and a little house and blocks, and on and on and on. There was also a little table and chair that was just Kellen's size and to Daddy's surprise Kellen just climbed right up and sat on the chair! He had a smile that was so big and it was like he was saying "I did it"!!!

Not to long later a wonderful nurse came out and got us to take us back to pre-op. She checked his weight, he was weighing in at 26 lbs (that was with all of his cloths and shoes on). She took his temperature and his blood pressure. Then after that she showed us to the pre-op room. We got to see Dr. Glasson and the anesthesiologist. This is where we got to meet BJ, she was the sweetest nurse! This is also where Kellen got to play basketball while we were waiting for our turn. BJ asked who wanted to go back with Kellen, while they put him under and at first I was going to go, but the more I thought about it the more I knew I just couldn't do it. So I made Matt (I didn't have to twist his arm to hard). We did not have to wait too long till BJ brought in some medicine for Kellen. Kellen is super easy when it comes to medicine...he will suck it out of the syringe and you don't have to do anything. BJ was like, "My child that is bitter"! Kellen didn't seem to care! We later found out it was Lortab, you would think that it would make Kellen sleepy, but no, he was so happy playing basketball.

Not to much later they came and got Kellen and Daddy. It all happened so fast that I didn't get to give Kellen kisses or tell him "I love you" and that really didn't sit well with me. At this point I got a little case of "what it", but not to long later I felt a sense of peace come over me! Matt came back and he told me that I probably would not have done very well with being in there. Matt had to hold Kellen down while the put the mask over his face and let him go to sleep. I was kind of glad too that I didn't go!

Then we were taken to Kellen's post-op room and waited for Kellen. They said that it was to take about 90 minutes, but right about 60 minutes later Dr. Glasson was out and telling us that Kellen did great! She gave us some instructions and then said see ya in a couple of weeks. Then Jody, our post-op nurse came and told us that Kellen would be coming soon, that he was starting to wake up and doing great! She also told us how cute he was!!! Then the nurse that was with him in during the surgery carried him into the room. She asked if she could keep Kellen, because he was too cute. At this point I took Kellen and got to snuggle with him for a few minutes. It was wonderful since these days Kellen does not sit still enough to snuggle with me. Then he started to wake up and he was not a happy camper. I don't think I would be either if I didn't know what was going on. We just had to hang out until he drank something. He drank two sippies full of Apple Juice and then Jody said we could be on our way. Jody was kind enough to call in our prescription for us so that it would be ready when we got to Publix and would not have to wait for it.

So we were off. We arrived at 12ish and left at 3:30ish...It all went so fast. Kellen slept all the way home. I figured he would be so hungry when we got home, but he just ate a little of a banana and a few bites of cereal, but he did drink some more juice (I promise I don't let him have that much juice on normal days)! Not very long after he puked all over Grandma Dee and the kitchen floor! I felt so bad for him! But it didn't seem to bother him any! He woke up a little more than was ready to go. He was still a little unsteady from all the drugs, but he wanted to walk, so we just let him and followed him around trying to catch him if he fell. He ate some cereal a little bit later and drank some more juice.

Then before we knew it, it was time for bed. Dr Glasson had prescribed us some Tylenol with Codeine in it and we decided to give it to him so that he would not be in any pain. I figured it would be a long night and that Kellen would be up a lot, just being uncomfortable. Boy was I wrong!!! Kellen slept till 8 am the next morning! You really would not know that he ever had surgery. Not once has he slowed down or acted in anyway that he was uncomfortable. I gave him Tylenol through out the day on Thursday just because I wanted to make sure that he was okay. But he was full of giggles and running around like a mad man!!!

Thanks again for all the prayers and well wishes. He had been great! :o)

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  1. We sent up lots and lots of prayers....sooo glad that he did well and that YOU did well. Glad to hear that K is back to his cute little self. Love yall and see you soon.


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