A very LONG over due catch up post!

So once again time has ran away and I am SO far behind on blogging.  So here is a catch up post with pictures of each event!  :o)  One day I will get organized and have a post for each event!  But it seems like once I download the pictures off the camera and go through them all, I have had enough of the computer!  :o)  So we will see if I can turn over a new leaf!  It is pretty bad when Matt comes home and says "You have not blogged in a LONG time!!!  I hope you enjoy some very cute pictures!!!

March 21st ~ Taylor's 1st Birthday!

We helped Cousin Taylor celebrate turning 1!!!  Taylor and I loved the piano and made some great music in my opinion!  She did not enjoy the cake very much, because it made her hands dirty!

March 26th ~ Grandma Dee's Birthday!

Mommy started to make a very yummy dinner for Grandma Dee's birthday, but about half way through burned herself pretty bad (this is not an uncommon thing, she thinks she is a cook, but she often cuts or burns herself.  This time she just happened to burn herself pretty bad)!  So Grandma Dee had to finish her own dinner while Mommy told her what to do!  But it was still yummy!  Then we had cake and I got to help her blow out the candles.

March 28th ~ Woodland's Easter Egg Hunt & I am 14 Months old!

Our neighborhood puts on an Easter Egg hunt each year and Mommy was so excited to take me, but we ran a few minutes late (8 minutes to be exact), and they were done when we got there!  Mommy was a little upset, but it ended up that I didn't know the difference and I just enjoyed carrying around my basket and hanging with Cousin Ansley.  We went to the playground and the weather was perfect!

Mommy can't believe I am 14 months.  I am turning into a little bit of a ham!  I am still sleeping great at night!  I sleep anywhere from 12-13 hours a night.  I am back to taking two naps a day.  I was just not able to handle life with only 1 nap a day!  I am still a great eater.  I will pretty much eat whatever you put in front of me!  I am busy busy every day going and going and keeping mommy on her toes.  I still am just saying mama and dada, and everyone keeps telling mommy that once I start talking I won't stop!  I love my Daddy!  When Daddy walks in the room my whole face lights up and I am attached to his hip!  I am very independent these days.  I want to do everything all by myself!

March 31st ~ Going to see the Easter Bunny!

So Mommy is not sure what happened since I will let pretty much anyone hold me, but I would not let go of Grandma when it came time to sit with the Easter Bunny.  Daddy says that's okay the Easter Bunny is creepy looking.  So needless to say this is the only picture Mommy got. 

April 1st ~ Playing with my present from Grandma Dee

Grandma Dee got me this awesome tent and tunnel!  I have had so much fun going in and out of the tunnel!  Then Holly thought she would try it out.  Skyler and Holly have enjoyed hanging out in the tunnel!  I am excited to play with little miss Sarah Scott when she comes to visit in a couple of weeks!  :o)

April 3rd ~ Easter Egg Hunt at Mimi and Papa's

We got together at Mimi and Papa's for an Easter Egg hunt!  The Big girl's got to dye eggs and Daddy let me dye my hand PINK!  I had so much fun picking up the eggs and putting them in my basket, but I had the most fun just carrying around my basket!  Then we had fun with some bubbles that Uncle Andy got all of us!  Oh yes and that is a picture of me in purple bunny ears...Aunt Amanda put them on me!

April 4th ~ Easter

Easter was a lot of fun!  I was spoiled!  We had another egg hunt....I had fun finding the eggs till I got one open and found it had Teddy Grahams in it!  Mommy made a yummy lunch for everyone.  Mimi and Papa, Great Grandma Ava and Great Grandpa Russ, Uncle Andy and Cousin Ansley, and Grandma Dee all came over.  My Great Grandma Luree always made a bunny cake for my mommy growing up...so Grandma Dee has started the tradition up with me!  She made a very yummy and cute cake!  

April 9th ~ Being Silly with Mommy!

I am gaining such a little personality and I love sunglasses and mommy just happen to catch this picture of me!  Daddy and Mommy laughed so hard!  :o) 


  1. The pic of K in his glasses is the funniest pic ever...I laughed out loud. So funny that you mentioned SS playing bc when I saw that tunnel I was thinking...SS will love playing on that! Steph I cant believe how K looks like a little man. He has changed so much since we saw him for his bday...he looks like a big boy now!! So handsome. See yall in a few weeks!!

  2. He's not looking like a baby anymore! So big! Looking forward to seeing you guys soon.s


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