Catch up post! :o)

I am REALLY not sure where time goes!  I really wanted to be better about blogging this year, but so far I have not done a great job!  :o)  So this is what we have been up to in the last couple of weeks....

The day after Kellen's Party, we took Kellen for a ride in his new wagon (From Grandma Dee)....He loves it!  It was so cute to watch Daddy pull him a long with his monkey that Grandma Keeta got him for his Birthday.  I had fun playing with the camera and catching some great moments!

On Monday after Kellen's party, his nose started to run and then a few days later the cough started.  I hate this...he really has been great since I took him out of daycare and I was sad to see him with another cold.  I really tried to stay in doors and hope that Kellen's cold would get better before getting worse!  Plus it has been so cold that I would rather just hang and play at home!  As the week went on Kellen really just was not himself and was refusing food and just very whiny and wanting to be held constantly.  This is not my normal Kellen.  On Wednesday (2/10) his nap went for 3 1/2 hours and then he slept again for another hour later on in the day.  That night Kellen was up about every hour...finally at 3 am I went in to try and sooth him to find that he was burning up.  So I changed his diaper and took off his pj bottoms hoping that would help cool him down and gave him some Tylenol.  Around 4 he cried out again so back in there I went to check on him...at this point he was drenched as the fever had broke.  So I took of his pjs, got a new blanket and put him back to sleep.  He then slept till 8 am. So as soon as the Dr's opened I called and ask the nurse her opinion on bringing Kellen in....I hate going to the Dr's for sick visits if I don't have to!  But she said that since he had been sick for a week and then just now was showing signs of a fever than I would have to bring him in!  So I am thinking another ear infection!  Just when I had got him all healthy!  :o)  But to my surprise we got there and the Dr diagnosed him with Strep!!!  I never would have thought so on antibiotics he went!  Thrusday and Friday were pretty long with Kellen still not feeling well...By Sunday through he was getting back to the old Kellen....sleeping through the night and eating food again!  It was wonderful.  You know it is bad when Grandma comes over and gets to her wits end with Kellen (Friday was the hardest day...Kellen screamed pretty much the entire day)!  It was a rough day that day!  But he seems to be on the mend and now just has a small cough that is getting better by the day!
Kellen playing in the fort that him and daddy built!  :o)  

Update on the surgery....I have an appointment with the surgeon on Feb 26th to make sure everything looks the same and he still needs to have surgery.  As of right now the surgery is scheduled for March 10th, but I will let you know how the 26th goes.  I am praying for them to say that he doesn't need the surgery and that everything looks great!  :o)
Checking out the snow!
I can't miss talking about the snow....I bundled Kellen up and took him out in the snow so he could see it...He wasn't feeling well at this point, but I didn't want him to miss the snow!  I mean how often does it really snow in Georgia???  It was so funny, because I set him down and he wouldn't move!  He tried to eat the snow that my mom held up to him....then he watched my mom build a snowman!  It was so much fun....thought I would share some pictures of that!

Valentines day was so much fun this year!  I had got Kellen the cutest shirt!  I had a Mary Kay party that day so I headed off and Kellen and Daddy got to spend some time together.  My mom came over that night to watch Kellen and Matt and I got to go out for dinner it was nice!  We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant.  It was nice to have some grown up time!  :o)  Here is a picture of Kellen's shirt!

 When I was at Kellen's one year appointment my Dr talked to me about letting Kellen having peanut butter.  She said since no one in my family or Matt's has a peanut allergy then we were probably safe to give it to him.  So Grandma Dee did....and he loved it...as you can see from the pictures below he was licking his plate!  :o) 

This week Kellen and I have tried to get things done.  I got new brakes on my car, which is a sore subject with Matt so don't ask him about it!  Kellen and I visited Melissa and new baby Jake.  We took them dinner on Wednesday!  it was great to meet him.  We were just sorry that we missed Luke since he was napping!  :o)  But Kellen enjoyed playing with all of the toys!!!  It was so much fun to catch up with Melissa!

I am so ready for spring!  I am ready for the warm weather so Kellen and I can play at the play ground and enjoy some sun!  Kellen loves to be outside and I can not wait to expand our play area to the back yard!  :o)

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  1. Wow Steph you covered alot in that post:). Love the ladies love me shirt...so cute. Glad that K is feeling better..its so frustrating when they dont feel well...you feel for them bc they cant tell you whats wrong. I heard about the breaks...Giiiirl thats terrible..it seems like Matt handled it pretty well!!
    We will be praying about K's upcoming appt about surgery...keep me updated about that.
    About the peanut butter...I think I am going to talk with my PCP about that. I want SS to try it bc I think she will love it. Talk with you soon


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