Nine Months

What has Kellen been up to these days?
(I think between 8 and 9 months I have seen the biggest change since birth. He has really just taken off)

Kellen is weighing in at 21 lbs 13 oz and is 29.5 inches tall. He has slowed down a bit and is coming in in the 80th percentile (this is the first time since birth he is not in the high 90th percentile). He is wearing 12 month clothing and some 18 months depending on the brand. He is in a size 3 shoe (and I have finally found some cute ones). We just are finishing up the last of the Size 3 diapers that we have and then will be putting him in size 4 all the time instead of just at night. They seam to help out with leaking.

He is still drinking 4 - 7 oz bottles a day (but has begun to refuse some of them). In the past couple of weeks we have started him on "real" food. He is such a great eater and prefers the "real" food to the jarred food. The other night we went to a Mexican restaurant and ordered him a mini cheese quesadilla and he ate the WHOLE thing!!! On top of that he ate some banana and rice and beans. The only thing he has not really liked and refused to eat is grits. Other than that his teachers at school are amazed at how well he eats "real" food. He is getting a little frustrated with us when we try and feed him the jarred food now. I have to say that it is a little hard, because I don't know how much food he is getting. When you feed him formula or a bottle, you know how much they are drinking. When you feed them jarred food you know how much they are eating. But with real food it is hard to gauge how much they are eating. One of Kellen's favorite foods is Mac and cheese. So far so good though he is eating very well for us!

As far as sleep goes, he is an okay sleeper. I can't really complain. He goes to bed between 7 and 7:30 and then will sleep anywhere from 4am till 6:30. Recently, it has been closer to 4 am every morning and sometimes 3 am. So it has been hard on mommy and daddy. He will take anywhere from 1 to 3 naps a day and those naps can last from 30 min to 2 hours. I guess it all depends on how he feels! :o)

His favorite toys right now are what we call redneck toys...he loves plastic bottles. He will sit on the hardwood floors and bang the bottle around the floor. He loves the noise it makes. He also loves to chase the cats. Now that he is really crawling he will zoom after the cats. Holly is SO good with him. Skyler continues to not be so good with him. He loves to play peek-a-boo and loves his rocker chair. He is saying ma-ma and da-da and ba-ba. In the last week he as started to wave...it has to be the cutest thing ever! :o)

A day in the life of Kellen goes a little like this....
  • Wake up (really whenever I wake up) or by 6:15 (but mostly around 4 am these days)
  • Get dressed and drink a bottle and play for a few minutes while Mommy finishes getting things together
  • Out the door and on our way to day care by 6:50
  • Mommy drops me off at day care at 7 am
  • Nap, play and eat (I am trying lots of new foods and new activities)...I love my teachers and they LOVE me a couple of weeks ago I moved up to Infant B. I am doing so much more and trying so many new things that I get really tired during the day!
  • Daddy picks me up from daycare at 5 pm
  • Eat dinner at 5:30
  • Play with Mommy and Daddy till 7pm-ish
  • Bath Time (between 7 and 7:30) I don't really like to get my hair washed, but I love to play in the water. These days though I am so tired that it is hard fro mommy and daddy to enjoy bath time.
  • Bed time...Mommy and Daddy try to read to me, but I am SO tired that I just want my bottle and to go to bed. Mommy started playing music during bottle time and I am not sure what I think about it

Kellen is really pulling up on everything. The last couple of weeks he has gone from not being able to pull up ...to pulling up... and then to pulling up like a pro! He really has no fear....when he is done standing he just plops down and goes about his business. He is really keeping us on our toes.

I really don't know where the last 9 months have gone. Kellen has been such a blessing in our lives. I really can not imagine my life without him. Still daily you can hear Matt say, "I can't believe that we have a son." No matter how tired or stressed or worried or sad I am it all melts away when I see his sweet little face.

We will have his 9-month pictures taken on Saturday with Jason Pendley.  I will share the link with you all as soon as they are up on his website! :o)

Happy 9 month birthday baby boy! We love you so much!!!

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