Hip, Hip Hooray...Kellen stood up today (well last Tuesday)!!!

I have been trying to get this posted since last Tuesday!  Kellen is now standing up!!!  He has been pulling up for awhile now, but never quite had the strength to make it all the way up!  Well on Tuesday he did it!!!  The window in our living room is the perfect height for Kellen to crawl over to and look out the window and has been enjoying watching a lizard and a caterpillar that live in our hibiscus bush outside the window.  Well On Tuesday he made it to standing position!  :o)  The funniest part was that a cat that happens to hang in our back yard from time to time just happened to be walking by when Kellen stood up!  The cat walked over to the window and just stared at Kellen like,  "what are you and what are you doing???" It was so funny to watch.  They stood looking at each other for awhile!

Kellen didn't really try again till Saturday!  He is now pulling up and standing anytime that you will let him!  On Sunday we decided that we would lower the crib since he was now able to stand up!  It was a GOOD thing that we did, because after his nap Grandma Dee walked in to go get him and he was standing in his crib like it was nothing!!!  :o) 

Our baby is growing up so fast!  It has been so much fun to watch him grow and learn new things!  We are working on the whole clapping thing and it is SO funny to watch him try to imitate what we do!!!  

Kellen also has started to eat "real" food (as I call it) instead of "jarred" food!  He has tried pears, bananas, chicken,  green beans, and pasta!  On the menu tonight...mashed potatoes and peaches!  :o)


  1. I died laughing about that lizard he watches. That thing hung out with us the entire day on Sunday when we were there. I CANNOT believe he is standing...what a big boy...he will be walking in no time. Love ya

  2. I like the cat in the window pic.... The cat saying OH CRIPES!!! UH OH!!! HE CAN MOVE!!!


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