8 Months ~ only a week late! :o)

I know that I say this often, but where did the time go? Did we not just get home from the hospital with Kellen??? Here is what Kellen is up to these days...

  • He is weighing in around 22 lbs. He is still able to where some 9 month clothing, but mostly is wearing 12 months. He is in a size 3 diaper, but wears size 4 at night....this has made all the difference in the world in the fact he does not wake up totally soaked.
  • We changed Kellen's schedule up a little this last month. We are now letting him wake up on his own or waking him up at 6:15ish (during the week). He has a bottle around 6:30 and then we head off to daycare around 6:45ish. Daddy usually will pick him up from daycare around 5. We still fight over who gets to pick him up, because we love the BIG smile we get when we walk in the room! Around 5:30ish Kellen will eat dinner. This consists of a meat and veggie and sometimes a fruit if he acts like he is starving. Then it is play time until about 7:00ish. The time between 5:30 and 7 is really hard for Kellen...he is usually so tired, but I am selfish in the fact I want to spend time with Kellen awake and not sleeping so I try not to let him go to sleep unless he just can't handle it! :o) Around 7 we go upstairs for bath time. Kellen loves bath time even more now that I am not using his bath chair and he gets to hang out in the big tub and plays. He is such a little fish!!! I think he would stay in there until he shriveled up if I let him! After bath time we try to read a couple books, but this usually does not go well, because Kellen is SO tired!!! He gets another bottle and off to bed. He usually does not cry too much, but some nights he will cry for no more than 5 minutes! This past week he had a hard time sleeping...I think with being sick and home from daycare for a couple of days and having multiple houseguests just threw Kellen out of sorts a bit! He seems to be falling back into his routine and sleeping through the night again!
  • As far as eating goes...Kellen still eats very well for us! He drinks 4- 7 oz bottles and will eat 3 times a day with a snack here and there. For Breakfast he will eat oatmeal and a fruit or yogurt (the yogurt is not his favorite and I hate the amount of sugar it has in it). For Lunch he will get a veggie and a fruit. For dinner he will have a meat and a veggie and sometimes a fruit. We introduced puffs to him this last month and he LOVES them! He also loves pizza crust...I think that it feels really good on his teeth! We are trying to make a move to more textures so we will see how that goes.
  • Kellen's teeth have just continued to come in. At this point he has 8 teeth all together! They just seem to continue to come in! For the last month it has been one after another! No wonder he is chewing on everything and anything...including window sills and furniture! On Friday (9/25) the Daycare called and told me that another child bit Kellen. They did not break through the skin, but he did have a little red mark when I picked him up on Friday! I was very understanding to it all, because I never know when the next phone call will be that Kellen bit someone. Since then Kellen has started to bite us...we are trying to work on "no biting"!!!
  • Kellen is on the move right now! He loves to crawl after the cats, this makes me a little nervous because they both still have their claws...Holly has been so good with him. Skyler on the other hand is not so good and has got Kellen a couple of times, but it doesn't seem to stop him from going after her again and again! He is really trying to pull up on everything. He can get to his knees, and has got the idea of getting to his feet, but is not quite strong enough.
  • He is really starting to babble. "Mamamama" is his favorite. It is my favorite when he wakes up and just starts talking. He also really likes "babababa"! We are working on the dada, but so far it is mostly "ma" and "ba"! 
Kellen is keeping us busy and we are learning that we can not turn our back for even a second. He really is into everything and so curious about anything that moves. He loves to sit and look out the window at a little lizard and caterpillar that lives in our Hibiscus bush. He will talk and talk to them!

We enjoyed our visit with The Whitfield family a few weeks back! They came in on Saturday for The Tucker family celebration! Then the boys went to the Falcon vs. Panther game on Sunday! Deborah Anne and I hung out with the little ones! Sarah Scott loves to give hugs it is the sweetest thing! Kellen was not so into it! As you can see on his face! :o) I think Deborah Anne was a little worried about Sarah Scott hurting Kellen, but I was more worried about Kellen hurting her. Sarah Scott is a little over 1 and Kellen is a few pounds heavier and about the same height. Kellen kept tripping her and pulling on her pants every time she walked by. He also kept trying to steal her paci...I really do think he is a bit of a bully! :o) It was SO much fun hanging out with them...if they only lived closer!!!

We are staying busy these days with our day to day lives! I love fall and I am so excited to take Kellen to a pumpkin patch and dress him up for Halloween! If only I could decide what to dress him up as!

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  1. I will say that look on Kellens face is "momma help me this girl will not stop hugging me"...we had a blast with yall!!
    Dont feel bad about being a week late...SS turned 14 months on the 30th and I have yet to blog...I need to get better. Oh SS has started biting...she put a large mark on my niece the other day and bit me yesterday...where do they learn this stuff?? Talk with you soon and see yall in Jan at the PARTY!!!!


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