Happy Halloween 2009!!!

I can't believe that Halloween has come and gone!  I have been talking about dressing Kellen up, and what he would be, since last year at this time (and he was still in the womb)!!!  He made the cutest little monkey!  We thought that it was very fitting since we call him "our little monkey"!  I found the costume on amazon for a reasonable price, but will probably never spend that much again!  :o)  It was a busy day, but it was a lot of fun.  We had our pictures taken by Jason Pendley....It was cold and rainy and yes we did them outside!  :o)  The weather was not too bad during the session, but it was a little cold.  After our shoot was over we rushed home to get all our costumes on...yes Matt and I dressed up too!  Matt was "The King" from Burger King and I was a pirate (to go along with Kellen, the monkey)!!!!  After we were dressed we ran over to Cousin Ansley's house to get some pictures of the two together.  Ansley was Tinker Bell and Grandma Keeta made her costume!  It was too cute!!!  Mommy gave Kellen a box of Nerds to "shake"...I turned away for a minute and he had got the box open and had a few Nerds and was happy as can be (I think he may have Mommy's sweet tooth)!!!

From there we came home and fed Kellen before we started making our rounds to friends and family for trick or treating!  Our first stop was Auntie Jenn's new house!  She had the best candy!!!  We hung out for a bit and got to see a 7-week old Trick or Treater named Penelope  (she was a unicorn).  We had a glass of wine, took some pictures, and we were on our way with a hand full of candy!  Did I mention it is was the good candy???

We made our way to Aunt Jerilyn's and Uncle Chris's.  We stayed for a short visit and got a couple pieces of candy, but better yet...Jerilyn sent us with quesadilla's and salsa!  Score for mommy and daddy!!!

On to Uncle Andy's....we ended up picking up Andy and heading to Mimi and Papa's...This is where we failed in the picture department!  We hung out for a while and mommy had a few drinks and Daddy had some Rootbeer!  Kellen was a trooper...we left there around 9:30ish...about 2 hours after bedtime.  As soon as we got home Kellen was in his Halloween PJ's that Grandma Dee got him and he drank a bottle and was out!  Mommy thought for sure Kellen was going to sleep in, BUT he got up at 3 am the next morning!!!!  Mommy was very tired but Kellen was WIDE awake....maybe it was the nerds he ate!!!

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