7 Months

My baby is growing up!  I am not sure where the time is going!  I cannot believe that he is 7 months old.  He is sitting up all by himself like it is nothing now.  It is so much fun!  His personality is really coming out.  He is a little bit of a flirt and loves the camera.  He still has mommy's temper that when he is hungry or tired he is a bit of a lion!  His two top teeth have cut through this last week.  I will have to try to get a picture of them!  He is still sleeping very well. We put him down around 8 o'clock and wake him up around 5:30 and then he eats and will go back to sleep until about 6:45 when we have to walk out the door.  This makes it easier for me to get ready and out of the house.  Matt leaves at 6 am so it is just me with Kellen so I shower, feed Kellen, put him back to bed, make lunches for Matt and I, coffee, and breakfast for me.  Then I am back upstairs and I finish getting ready.  As long as I know what I want to wear then I am fine and we make it out of the house by 5 minutes to 7!  Off to daycare we go.  The teachers love him so much and he seems to love them.  He really loves one of them that is in the Infant B room (that is the next room he will be in, but has spent some time in there when there are too many babies in his room).  We were told that they will probably move him up soon, as he is the oldest and the biggest of the bunch.  They feel like he will just take off being with the older kids.  Matt will pick Kellen up most of the time after work and he looks forward to this time.   Kellen's face just lights up when we get there and Matt loves this!  He continues to eat well for them.  He still loves all food.  He has now tried turkey and beef.  He drinks 5 bottles a day and eats oatmeal and a fruit in the morning and a vegetable and meat for dinner.  I think I am going to add another vegetable and fruit for lunch.  We will see hoe it goes.  He is still rocking a bunch and hasn't quite figured out how to crawl, but that does not stop him.  He pulls himself along the floor or lunges forward.  I don't think we are safe for much longer!  He is napping much better now that he as started daycare.  He will usually take 2 - 3 naps from anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours!  By the time he gets home he is exhausted!  Matt and I have gotten a kick out of watching Kellen.  He is SO much fun!  There is never a dull moment!

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  1. WOW 7 months...they grow so fast. How did he do with cutting teeth? It never seemed to bother SS much but I know some babies have such a hard time with it. Love the new pics!!


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