Growing up!

Kellen is now sitting up! He is doing really well and when distracted he will stay sitting for a while. In the last couple of days he has started to go from his tummy to being able to sit up. It is so cute. He is trying to crawl so hard. He is doing more of a marine style crawl at the moment...if he really wants something he will get up on all fours and rock and rock and then lunge forward! It is too funny. He really is on the move. I would say in the last couple of weeks he has really loved just hanging out on his red blanket and playing in the basket of toys!
He still loves his jump-a-roo!!! He will jump for a long time...it is really the only place you can put him that you know he will be in the same place when you come back! :)

Last week we started him on meats. He loves chicken, turkey, and beef!!! I really have not found anything that he does not like. The Daycare got him to eat peaches and now he loves them! Speaking of daycare, he loves it!!! He is such a flirt with all the teachers! He seems really happy! That makes me happy!!! He is eating really well there now and he is napping!!! The last couple of days he has taken close to a two hour nap in the afternoon and a 30 to 45 minute nap in the morning! His runny nose did turn into a cough. I sent Matt to the Dr and it is just a virus that has to run its course. It does not seem to be slowing Kellen down one bit!!! Matt did find out Kellen has hit the 20 lb mark...20 lbs 4 oz to be exact!!!

He was a little fussy last week and I just thought it was him not feeling good, but on Saturday we noticed one of his top teeth cutting through! Now I know! As soon as it is in good I will get a picture of it!
This weekend we got him a Falcons jersey! I love this picture! I am sure there will be many many pictures to come from football season! :) I can't wait till September. The Whitfield's will be here from Augusta for the Atlanta Falcons vs Carolina Panthers game. Sarah Scott will have her little panthers cheerleader uniform and Kellen will have his Falcons jersey on...perfect photo if you ask me! :)

We did visit the Pediatric Surgeon on Friday. I really like Dr Glasson. She made me (and Matt) feel comfortable about everything. She explained to us a little better about the hernia and what it was. She is pretty sure that he has a hernia on one side, but is a little unclear about the other side. She said she would just take a look once she got in there so that she would not have to go back in there if it turned out he does have one. She explained that Kellen has an indirect hernia and that it is different than the one that an adult would get. An adult hernia is torn muscle, but Kellen's is just a hole that did not close. She will go in and tie it closed so that his kidney and/or bladder does not slip through and cause problems for little man! It will be out patient and I will get to go in with him while they put him under. That makes this mama feel good! I am hoping, to get it done on Sept 3rd, but I will see what the scheduler says when I talk to them tomorrow!

Lots of prayers for our friends Denny and Ashly (see their story here) tomorrow as they go in for an Amnio to see if Baby Tucker is ready for his/her debut...if all is good then they will induce. It has been a long journey for them and we are so excited to meet Baby T!!!

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  1. Love your blog. Kellen is such a handsome man. Sitting up..I see...they grow so fast Stephanie doesnt it feel like yesterday that our little ones were born. I loved the pic and him and Matt...Scott really loved it and I could tell he was looking forward to that moment with this little man. I pulled out SS panthers uniform and it is a 3T..oh well we can pin it together for a pic...that will be sooo cute. They can look back in 20 years when they are in love and laugh at how cute they were as babies. Glad to hear that the MD appt went well. We will be praying for him so please keep us up to date about surgery. Love ya and see you Sept 19th..if not sooner.


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