7 Months ~ Redo

After I posted the last post I got to feeling guilty that I really didn't do it justice. I have been so caught up in just getting "something posted" that I feel that it did not celebrate all of Kellen's achievements in the last month. I have been reading several blogs and I like the way they do it better than just running everything together so here I go (sorry for any repeat from the last one, I just feel that I need a "redo" on this one)...
  • Kellen is weighing in at a little over 20 lbs. He is still able to wear some 6-9 months, but they are becoming VERY small on him. So we have been breaking out the 12 months clothes. I have been able to squeeze his foot into a few Size 2 shoes, but really they are too small!!! He is always giving me a look like "Really mama, are you really trying to put my foot in that?" He is wearing size 3 diapers.
  • Kellen goes to bed right around 8 o'clock and we try to read to him, but since starting daycare he is so sleepy that he often falls asleep while drinking his last bottle. He usually will sleep from 7 – 8, wake up only long enough to eat and go right back to sleep. I am thinking I might have to read to him after his bath, so that we can get some reading time in. During the week we wake him up around 5:15 am and Daddy will change his diaper, dress him for the day, and hang out with him until I am done with my shower. Then he drinks a bottle and lays back down and sleeps for roughly an hour before I wake him up to leave for Daycare At Daycare he will take 2-3 naps usually lasting from 30 minutes to 2 hours. On the weekends we let him sleep till he wakes up and he will wake up around 6, eat and go back to sleep till about 8.
  • He loves his food! He drinks 5 - 7 oz bottles a day and will have cereal and a fruit around 9 and a meat and veggie around 5. So far so good, he loves all his food! So far he has tried.
    • Veggies ~
      • Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Sweet Peas, Green Beans, Squash, Carrots & Tomatoes
    • Fruits ~
      • Peaches, Bananas, Applesauce, Pear 
    • Meats ~
      • Chicken, Turkey, Beef
  • His favorite toys right now are a stuffed horse that will neigh like a real horse (from Scout, my friend Kathy's dog), a stuffed Monkey that sleeps with him (from Grandma Keeta), a bunny that drinks his bottle with him (from Uncle Andy, Aunt Crystal, & Cousin Ansley), and a toy that has four different shapes and you can put them through the matching holes or just drop them in the top (of course it makes a sound when you wiggle the bucket part) (from Grandma Keeta). He also loves this crazy cow toy from Auntie Jennifer! He still loves his Jump-a-roo, but is growing out of it very quickly!
  • He is loving Daycare...he is such a flirt with all the teachers. They absolutely love him. Right now he is in Infant A, but will soon move to Infant B. Ms Sue Anne (a teacher in infant B) loves Kellen and Kellen loves her so much! When she walks in the room he will light up and smile the biggest smile ever! They told us they think that he will thrive in the other room watching all of the older kids. Kellen makes it so easy in the morning to drop him off since he is all smiles. Daddy loves to pick him up, because his whole face will light up when you walk in the room!!! We actually sometimes fight over who will pick him up!
  • Kellen continues to love bath time and could probably stay in there forever. He LOVES the water. I am a little sad that we did not make to the pool more this summer! I am not sure where the summer went!!!
  • Kellen is sitting up by himself without help...he has been almost able to do it for awhile now, but one day he just sat up and smiled at everyone and then fell over and then just got back up and smiled away! His smiling may be due to the fact that I was very excited and kept clapping and saying "yea Kellen"!!!
  • He continues to get up on all fours and rock back and forth like he is going to some where. He gets so excited sometimes that he will lay on his belly and kick is arms and legs...It looks like he is swimming and he thinks he is going somewhere!!! He has started to lunge forward or drag himself to get where he wants to go. He has gets around by rolling! We have learned not to underestimate him in anyway! Turn your back and he is gone!!! ***Update - This weekend he started really moving. He looks like an inch bug, but he can go from one end of the room to the other! I told Matt "We need some gates"!!! ***
  • Kellen has 4 teeth all together. He has two on top and two on the bottom with two more ready to poke through any day now on the top! I feel so bad for him...all 4 on top have decided to come in all at once (they just poked through a couple days ago).
He is growing so fast and we have been so blessed to have him in our lives. It really is so amazing to watch him grow and learn each day! Just when I thought I couldn't love him anymore, my heart is overwhelmed with a feeling that I cannot explain! Happy 7 Months Baby Boy!

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  1. Girl you should not feel guilty....we are busy mommas..lol I did giggle a little when I read his weight, shoe size and size in clothes. Its so funny how K and SS are far apart but right together wil weight etc...


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