Meeting Macy Brooks...

After work today Matt and I went to meet our friends' new baby, Macy Brooks. Let me just say she is beautiful!!! She is so dainty and cute I could have stared at her for hours (I think that babies have a super-power that just melts your heart). She stole our hearts! Denny was one proud papa as he held his daughter! At one point Macy Brooks just cuddled up to Ashly and it was the perfect picture to see her in Ashly's arms! I really could have held her for hours. She was so tiny and perfect and beautiful.
Macy Brooks Tucker (24 hours old)

Matt held her and she stole his heart. I have been telling him that when we get ready to try for another child that I really want to do all the old-wives tales and try for a girl. He said "oh no I want another Boy"!!! After holding Macy Brooks he said I can have a girl! :o) If we ever have another one, I really don't care boy or girl, but it would be fun to have some pink amongst all this blue! :o)
Congrats to the Tucker Family! Macy Brooks is absolutely beautiful and we were honored to meet here! Welcome the world Macy Brooks!!!

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  1. She is so cute and I hate that we cant be there to snuggle with her. Give her a big kiss for me. Oh and let me tell you Matt will melt with a girl and I am for you having another one soon!!! We can keep the kids close together!


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