Three Months Old!

I know that I have said this more than once, but where is the time going! In the last few weeks Kellen has really started to change. He is getting a little more chubby every day! :) He has found his hands and loves to watch them. He has really started to take notice of the world around him. Over night he has started to hold his head up really well. He is still such a wiggler...When we change his diaper on the changing table he wiggles, and giggles, and just talks to you. I only wish I knew what he was saying! :) It also makes it really hard to change him, because as soon as you put his legs in something he will kick them really fast so you have to start over...he thinks this is very funny! We have started to put him in his jump-a-roo, he can just touch the floor with his tip toes and he loves to bounce in it. There is this toy on it that you can spin and he loves to spin it! It is too funny. On his activity mat he has taken noticed to a purple elephant...he loves to bat it around...it is so much fun to watch him. He still loves his bath...I am going to have to find a different way, because he loves to kick his legs in the water and I end up just as wet as him! He also loves to look in the mirror while he gets a bath and he will be all quiet and then all of a sudden he kicks his legs and arms and smiles! It is so fun to watch him. He is trying really hard to roll over. He can get the bottom half of his body, but the top half just doesn't seem to follow. I am still fighting him at nap time...he will only sleep in his swing. I know that it is a bad habit to start, but I would never get anything done and he would be so fussy if he didn't nap there! He is doing really well at night. He loves his mobile and will talk to it until he falls asleep. He is now sleeping anywhere from 5 1/2 to 7 1/2 hours then will wake up and eat then go back to sleep. I am really looking forward to a solid 8 hours of sleep! :) Matt and I are so blessed to have Kellen in our lives. I really can't imagine my life without him!


  1. Good Luck with the whole bath thing... Luke used to kick in the little blue bath tub and now that he is in the big bath tub.. he really likes to splash. He will splash with his hands and feet... so basically we both take a bath!! So precious!!

  2. I hear ya about changing the diaper...SS does the same thing except now she is trying to roll off. He is so big and looks like a little man. Time is flying by!!


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