Book Fair!

On Tuesday we took a trip to Grandma Dee's school. Her school was having a book fair so I jumped at the chance to go and buy some books for Kellen. Along with buying some books, we got to meet all the people that Grandma Dee works with....they sure loved Kellen. He got a lot of attention and we heard how cute he was over and over. I think he is too cute, but I am his mommy so I am supposed to think that! We were there for almost two hours and he did so well. Grandma Dee was so proud of her grandson...it was fun to see.

Other than that it has been a very low key week. With all the rain I have been hanging out at home and just snuggling up with my little man and watching movies. It seemed like the perfect week for that.

Matt's grandparents are here for the weekend so I am sure that we will be busy with family activities. I hope to get a generation picture with the four generations that will be here. It will be a great picture to have. Matt is still working a ton...I am looking forward to tax season being over with. Matt has worked every Saturday since Kellen was born except two. I am excited to spend some good family time together.

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  1. Only two more weeks and we can have our weekends back!


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