New Cousin & Dr's Visit!!!

We had an exciting weekend! On Sunday we went and got to meet Taylor Eryn, the newest cousin on Matt's side of the family! She is so tiny and too cute for words. Papa, Mimi and Aunt Kaeley were there too. Mimi and Papa could not believe how much Kellen had grown since last time they had seen him. He was happy as could be laying on the floor watching the ceiling fan and talking to Mimi. It was like holding a feather holding Taylor after holding Kellen. He has grown so much that I have almost forgot what it was like the first week home with him, where he was content laying in your arms for hours. Now he is all wiggles. The only time he is still is when he is asleep...I think we may be in trouble once he really starts to move.

Getting to hold Taylor for the first time!

Cousin Madison and Kellen talking to each other!

Taylor (6 days old) & Kellen (2 months & 2 days)

Yesterday we went to the Dr's for Kellen's 2 month check up. I was dreading it all day since I knew that he would be getting shots and he breaks my heart when he cries so hard. I think it is almost harder on mommy then him. But he did very well...Aunt Amanda gave me a good tip and told me to have a bottle ready to go as soon as they were done, so he cried really hard, but as soon as that bottle was in the mouth he calmed right down and was fat and happy afterward. As I have mentioned earlier...Kellen has really grown and yesterday we got to find out how much he really had. Kellen now weighs 14 1/2 pounds and is 25 1/4 inches tall. All I can say is he is one big boy! :)

He is all smiles right now...we are working on the giggles, we have had a few little sounds that might have been giggles, but nothing that can be repeated. He is really trying to roll over...he gets to his side and that is about it. He is growing so fast and time is slipping away. I told my mom that I feel like I already need to start planning his 1st birthday party because it will be here before we know it and then soon he will be off to his first day of school and then graduating high school. Time is going so fast, and I am trying to take in all these special moments and milestones that are happening now and not worry so much about how much time is gone and how fast it went by. Each day I have tried to take 5 minutes to say thank you for all the blessings that I have in my life right now. I am very thankful to have a healthy, happy baby boy, a very loving and patient husband, and I am surrounded by the most wonderful family and friends.

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  1. He is so precious. I am so glad that things are going well. He is one big boy...he is close to what SS weighs now..lol Hope to come see ya'll soon and kiss those sweet cheeks!!


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