Update on Kellen's Kidney!

The latest ultrasound showed that Kellen's kidney is the size that it should be for his age. It even was measuring smaller than last time. :-) Everything else is looking good. His heart rate was good and strong. He is moving up a storm...my belly kind of looks like an alien when he gets going since you can see him moving around in there. On Thursday he was in (what I think) a very uncomfortable position, but maybe he likes to be balled up. He literally looked like he was bent in half with both feet up by his head! She was able to get a good picture of his foot and toes and yes that is his head next to his foot! :-) Matt and I can't believe how fast time has gone. As of tomorrow I am 35 weeks, it feels like yesterday that we were telling everyone that we were pregnant. Everyday Matt reminds me of how excited he is..it is really cute! He is going to be a great Daddy. He tells Kellen he loves him and gives him a kiss each day. He has also taken up calling him K-Dawg...which I was not thrilled about so he settled on calling him K-Bear. But Matt did tell me that there would be a time when he becomes K-Dawg. :-) All I can say is I hope Kellen likes football! :-) With Matt's luck, Kellen will get his mommy's clumsiness and no hand, eye coordination what so ever. I cannot wait to meet the little man who has been kicking me and growing inside of me...I am sure that he will be here before we know it! Merry Christmas everyone!

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