Kellen's Room is Done!

Jerilyn was able to come over and finish Kellen's room so it is all finished! We have a few things left to get for his room and we are still deciding what to do as far as pictures on the wall or what not. We are leaning towards waiting till after he is born to do that part. So for the most part we are ready for him. We have a few items on our list to get, but they are small and I have enjoyed doing a little shopping here and there buying some of the items needed.

We had our last HypnoBirthing class on Saturday. She brought in an aromatherapist to talk to us and it was so interesting to listen to her. She has a 12 year old son that has had 5 fevers in his life time and never once has taken any antibiotics. He does not have the word medicine in his language...he just knows oils for different ailments. She talked about different ones that help with different things such as colds, cramps, stretch marks, energy, and on and on! I really was fascinated with the whole thing...I could have listened to her all day. Corrinna handed out some scripts for the hospital and went over any last minute things with us. It was a very fun class since it was the last one and next step means practice...practice...practice...till Kellen decides it is time to come! We have learned so many things over the last month, not only about the upcoming birth of our child, but I have learned things about myself as well and what I am capable of. It has been a growing experience for both Matt and I!

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