One BIG boy!!!

Kellen is really a growing...today they estimated his weight as 5 lbs 1 oz. One of the fun things that the tech told us was that he has a full head of hair (but they told my friend that too with her little one and she came out bald). My mom says that there is a good chance he will have lots of hair since I came out with lots of black hair, so we will see! His heart beat is good and very strong. Something new at today's visit, is that we got to listen to the blood in the umbilical cord...that was pretty neat. One of my coworkers ask what that sounds like...well it makes a swish, swish sound. He slept through the entire ultrasound and decided not to move at all. So after we finished with the ultrasound, they wanted to monitor me for awhile...so they hooked me up to this machine that monitors his heartbeat, movements, and contractions. After 20-30 minutes they took me off. So far I am not having any contractions and Kellen's movements were good. There were a couple dips in his heart rate, but the Dr thought that he probably just leaned up against the umbilical cord causing a shortage of oxygen for a moment, but then moved off of it (he said that this is normal)! As far as the pictures go...the top left one is his face and the tech says the white on top of his head is hair. Then the bottom left one is his face again...he is really looking like a baby! The top right one is his face with his arm across it. The bottom right one is his foot...big foot! :) The Dr walked us through all the pictures they took. Everything is looking normal except his right kidney. His left kidney is back to a normal size, but the right one has doubled in size since the last visit. The Dr still is saying that there is no cause for concern at this point and they will continue to monitor me closely. I will be going for ultrasounds every week here on out, so look forward to pictures weekly! The Dr said that if his kidney continues to enlarge then a perinatal urologist will be called in. If nothing changes then he will recommend that the pediatrician take an ultrasound of Kellen's kidney after he is born to measure the actual kidney size. The Dr said it may just come down to Kellen being on antibiotics when he is born. Even though he says there is nothing to worry about it is hard not to. If there is one thing that I have learned it is that "mommy's" just worry! :) It starts when you first get pregnant and I wondered if the worrying ever stopped, but my mom still worries about all of us and her youngest is 22!!! I guess it is true that they will always be your babies and never really grow up in your eyes! Matt is so excited...he told me today that he already loves Kellen and can't wait to see his cute face. Then he told me that he could not wait to carry him around like a football just so he could add something manly into the conversation! I know that we are all awaiting his arrival and when he makes his appearance he will be one loved baby boy!

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