Daycares, Dr's, & Decorating!!!

I can't believe it has been over a week already I am not sure where time is going. On Friday (Dec 5th) Matt and I toured 2 daycare centers. The first one was very structured and all about curriculum and learning. The rooms were very tiny though and dark. There was not a lot of space to move around in. In the infant room there was 9 boys and 2 girls along with 3 teachers. They offered extra curricular activities and had a meal plan that cost an extra $3 each day. It also had a very hefty price tag that came along with it! The second one was bigger, brighter, and looked very clean. The playground is divided for each age group (and has a water park). The Director that gave us the tour knew each child by name and each of them knew her and their faces would light up when she walked into the room. They have a cook on staff that will make the meals and each meal has been planned out by a nutritionist....and it is at no extra cost. You got the feeling that your child would be loved there more than anything. It was also about $400 less than the 1st daycare. On Monday I received a call from the owner of the 2nd daycare and he wanted to make sure that all my questions were answered and also to let me know that he is there every afternoon and his door is always open. He was a very nice guy and you can tell that he really does want to offer the best!

Tuesday's ultrasound and Dr's appointment went well. Kellen's heart rate looks and sounds good, along with all the other stuff that they looked at. Matt could not go with my so my mom was able to go. We got to see his hand...it was really cute and I can almost imagine the small chubby little hand in mine. For some reason he does not move much for the ultrasound...he must know we are trying to look at him. I have decided not to post the pictures from this weeks ultrasound as I am looking at them, I can't even tell what what is. :) Instead I am posting pictures of our house all decorated for Christmas. Our tree looks a little like something from a Dr Seuss movie, but I still think it is beautiful when it is all lit up. Skyler likes to sit underneath it like she is a present. The whole time I was decorating I kept saying how different it will be next year. Next Christmas there will be 4 grandkids at my inlaws instead of 2, and one will be our child. I am so excited that I can hardly wait till next year! BUT I know that the next year will be an exciting one through out the whole year. We will have many "firsts" to look forward to and I can not wait to share them with all of you!

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