The Things That Make Me Smile/Warms My Heart!

I guess that I am in the mood to blog this week because I am on #3 for the week and it is just Wednesday.  I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about life.  Maybe it is the Beth Moore bible study that I am doing or maybe it is just that I feel like time is quickly ticking by.  On my way to do a Mary Kay table on Saturday a thought popped into my head that triggered a whole string of thoughts.  I do have to warn you that this post is rather random!  And this is how it went....

The first thought was about Kellen and instantly it made me smile.  Then I started thinking about all the things that he does that makes me smile.  When you walk into his room in the morning after he wakes up and he looks at you and gives you the BIGGEST smile!  Any time that he spots his daddy he will get a huge smile!  When he sees Holly (our poor kitty that he tortures endlessly and she puts up with it for the most part) he smiles and then cries when she runs away from him.  The way that he looks so proud when he accomplishes something that we as adults take for granted, like getting up and sitting on a chair or the couch.  The way he dances to any kind of music whether is is full on dancing or just bobbing his head like his daddy!  I could go on and on, but pretty much any thing he does besides the horrible tantrums that he is throwing these days, but even some of them are funny when he gets his pouty face on!  So my #1 thing that makes me smile is Kellen.

Now #2 would have to be Matt, but don't tell him I said that!  He tells the corniest jokes and I try so hard not to laugh at them. I know what you are thinking that statement is not very nice, but the more you laugh the more he gets egged on to tell more.  Now what is worse is when you are at a dinner table with Matt, his dad and his grandfather.  The jokes get pretty bad...like the most recent joke (that he got from the children's show Sid the Science Kid) is "What kind of underwear do storm clouds wear?"  "THUNDERWEAR"  He was so disappointed when I knew the answer because I had seen the episode before!  Then there is his favorite joke of all time...."What is the only bee that produces milk?"  "BOO-BEES"  When my mom moved in with us when she moved to GA a couple of years ago, it was bad....I mean my mom would laugh and laugh at Matt.  Now they text jokes back and forth to each other!  Now I know it sounds like that I am totally rolling my eyes as I am writing this, BUT I wouldn't have it any other way!  All of the crazy things that Matt does, makes me smile and maybe not always on the outside like it should, because of lately I have been a little bit of a grouch and not that easy to live with.

#3 This one is more thinking about memories if that makes sense.  One of the most valued things to me is time with my family and friends.  I have some great memories with each of my friends and family member's.  So yes those people make me smile, but when I get time to daydream and think back over my life I have so many memories.  Like mixing skittles and beer in high school, because I wanted to be cooler than drinking a wine cooler, but hated the taste of beer!  Or even just the giggles on the phone with my sister.  My sister is about 8 years younger than me and I have been in GA for 12 years, so a lot of our relationship has been built over the phone.  Most of conversations consist of giggling!  I love her what can I say! 

#4 would probably be kids in general.  Any baby can make my heart melt and smile nonstop.  Many time I catch myself just staring and watching mom's with their babies when we are out in public.  One of my favorite things is when I am out shopping and looking at the kids in the carts...they almost always have a BIG smile for me.  It was something that I just started to notice...before I was "so busy"...not sure what I was "so busy" with but I missed everything that was happening around me. So just seeing the kids smile and taking the time to notice that is huge to me! 

#5 is animals...any animal, but especially my cats.  When my cats come and snuggle with me, it makes my heart smile.  I still remember the days of hanging out on the couch and ready the entire day while snuggling with my kitties....now I say remember those days because that was before Kellen.  Now it is only hanging on the couch and reading well never...during nap time it is make phone calls, blogging, facebook, email, laundry, and then maybe clean up the house if I have time.  And there is the days where I say forget it all and nap!  :o)

So this ends my random post.  I have been struggling with finding the simple things in life.  I want to stop and smell the roses and I felt like this random string of thoughts was a good start to finding the simplicity in life.  I also thought that putting down on paper would help me take a step back and remember them!

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  1. Great post Steph. Its so hard these days to actually stop and think of all the things we have to be thankful for. We are always busy as parents and actually "stopping" for a second is sometimes not possible..lol


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