Happy Daddy's Day!

We enjoyed a wonderful day!  We let daddy sleep in (well for 1 hour longer).  I made pancakes and we enjoyed a family breakfast!  We gave Daddy his presents...he got a polo, a picture frame (that says #1 Dad), and a movie I did of pictures over the last year!  I can't believe how much Kellen has changed!  There were so many good memories....like the first veggie, when he started crawling, when he started walking, his first holiday season!  It was like watching him grow up all over again!  I cried (happy tears) a couple of times while making the DVD!

Then Daddy took Kellen to Wal-Mart to get groceries for dinner!  I stayed home and cleaned...it is amazing to me how dirty our floors get!  :o)  Uncle Andy, Cousin Ansley , Papa and Mimi came over for dinner.  We grilled out and boy was it yummy!  I know, I know it was Father's day and Matt had to cook!  But it just wouldn't be right if we did anything else but grill out!  It was a wonderful day!

It is so much fun to watch Matt with Kellen.  Kellen is now getting to the point where he is starting to copy Matt.  It is too cute!  Matt is a great daddy!  He is a huge help in taking care of Kellen (Kellen is SO busy these days, I am so worn out by the end of the day)! My dad was never very hands on so it is great to see Matt as a father.  He is just how I pictured.

I knew pretty much from day one that I wanted to marry Matt, but what solidified it was the fact that was when we were dating and I was working as a nanny, Matt was over visiting and the kids were peeking under the door and giggling.  Matt got down on the floor and was looking at them.  The giggles were so cute!  :o)  That was probably the moment that I feel head over heals for Matt and there was no turning back!  Fast forward many years to today and I am able to watch the man I fell in love be the father that I knew he would be.  He really is a super dad!  I know that I don't tell him that enough.

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