Meeting Gabriella Joy...

 Gabriella Joy

Our good friends Glenn & Sarah have received an answered prayer in the last week.  Although a little dramatic at times they were chosen to adopt a little girl.  After a lot of back and forth of changing her mind the birth mom finally found peace with her decision.  So last week Sarah and Glenn welcomed a little girl, Gabriella Joy.  She was born on June 13th and is so beautiful.  She stole my heart on last Thursday when we got to meet her! 

I'm in love! 

I can still remember the day that Sarah told me about her desire to be a mommy!  To see that day finally here is just amazing!  We got a good laugh at the memory of Glenn holding Kellen just a little over a year ago and he was so uncomfortable.  He didn't want to hold him, but Sarah got him to.  He was so tense the whole time and then Kellen peed on him!  Haha!  Today you would never know...Gabriella has him wrapped around his finger!

 Matt holding Gabriella ( I think we need a little Girl)!

I could hold her all day long.  She is beyond beautiful...her black hair and beautiful skin.  She is such a little cuddle bug.  She has her days and nights all mixed up, so we were trying to wake her up...needless to say no matter what I did it was not until Mommy changed her diaper that she woke up and boy did she get mad!

 We got to hear her test out her lungs!

I got to feed her and just sit with her!  I could have done it all day!  I miss the snuggles...Kellen does not slow down enough to snuggle...I get a few hugs and kisses here and there, but he doesn't slow down enough to snuggle!  Of course we got a big laugh out of as I was holding her she spit up all over me...we said it was payback from Kellen peeing on Glenn!  Haha!

This was Kellen during the visit! 

It is amazing to see Glenn and Sarah with Gabriella.  Sarah is a natural mommy!  It is amazing to be a part of this blessing and to see God's plan unfold for them! 

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