A week of Daddy!

We were blessed to have Matt home with us for the entire week last week!  Every after tax season his company has a three day vacation break and this year it fell on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday....so we decided it would be fun to have him use two vacation days and take Thursday and Friday too!  It was wonderful!  Kellen enjoyed having his daddy around for the week!  Matt did not really get a chance to sleep in, because if Kellen knew he was in the bedroom Kellen was right there wanting in the bed with Matt to jump on him!  :o) 

Matt and I took on a huge project for the week and we put in a stone edging around all the beds in the yard.  We also planted 6 azalea bushes (I think this was harder than the stone edging).  Our beds are full of GA red clay and lots and lots of rocks!  We planted some flowers and got a couple hanging baskets and then Matt spread a ton of new mulch!  He then mowed, edged, and all the fun stuff.  Our yard looks so pretty!  It was so much fun and Kellen enjoyed being outside!  The weather was so perfect!  We finished up everything on Friday just in time for Matt's big birthday bash!  I have to say besides my yard looking beautiful, I got a good start on my tan! 

Matt's good friends Charles and Chris hosted a surprise poker tournament for Matt for his birthday.  So it is hard to plan a surprise for Matt, but tax season was in their favor.  We went to dinner with Charles and Deanna and then after dinner Charles ask Matt if he wanted to run by Chris's and pick up some tickets and see Chris's newly remodeled basement.  I tried very hard to not laugh, but he agreed and headed off!  He was totally surprised and enjoyed playing poker! 

On Saturday our friends the the Whitfield's came in for the weekend with their two little one's!  Little Miss SS is Kellen's future wife.  :o)  I could not believe how much lil Hamp man had grown.  His cheeks are just too cute!  On this visit Kellen and SS really played pretty well togehter.  It was cute to watch them play in the tunnel!  Saturday night we had a cook out to celebrate Matt's birthday.  We had some family and close friend's over, it was a lot of fun! 

On Sunday we headed to The Tucker's for a surprise 30th birthday for Ashly!  It was so much fun!  The weather was perfect and we enjoyed being outside for the afternoon.  There was good food and a jumpy house for the kids.  Kellen would not go in it for nothing.  Anytime we got near it he would scream at the top of his lungs.  We got some really cute pictures of Kellen and Miss SS.  We enjoyed the Whitfield's visit and were sad to see them go!  We had been planning the trip forever and I can't believe that it is over!  :o) 

(This will be too cute in there wedding slide show)  :o)  

I can't believe that my baby will be 15 months tomorrow.  He is growing too fast!  We are headed to the Dr's tomorrow for his 15 month check up!  So I will update you on his check up tomorrow!  :o) 

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  1. WE had such a great time with yall and I had som much fun watching the kids play. Its so nice to visit with people that have kids it makes the entire traveling process so much easier. Kellen was so cute and has a great set of lungs on him:)!! Love the pics K and SS holding hands and I agree they will love it in 25 years at their wedding!! I will be posting pics soon!!


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