15 Months

Where is my baby?  Welcome my little toddler!  Kellen is growing up so fast and right before my eyes and most days I still expect to wake up and see a little baby that was just born!  So what is Kellen up to these days....

Sleeping ~ Kellen is going to bed between 7 and 8 pm most nights and will sleep till about 7 am the next morning!  He is still taking two naps and will go down around 10 am and sleep till 11:30 to 12ish.  Then he will go down again around 3 and will sleep for another 1 1/2 to 2 hours.  I would love to get it to one nap a day, but for right now I won't complain for the quiet time that I have!  :o)

Eating ~  Kellen will pretty much eat anything that you put in front of him. He just seems to have moods, which he probably gets from me!  :o)  He loves all fruit and most veggies.  I wish that I was better about the veggies, but the can eat a whole can of green beans if I let him!  :o)  He loves peas and carrots and even lima beans.  He really likes tomatoes, I am wishing I had a garden and could grow some this summer!  :o)  I am working on him a water.  He does not like just plain water so I have been adding a little juice to it to get him to drink it, but I really want to be able to have him drink just water!  He loves anything that you are eating and wants to try it!  :o)

Wearing ~ He is still wearing a size 4 diaper and size 4 shoe.  He is wearing 18 months, but some 24 months shirts since his torso is so tall!  I got him some crocs and they are so cute on him!  I love summer time there are so many cute outfits for him.  Of course most of his shorts and shirts have some kind of plaid on them!  :o)

Playing ~ Kellen is very independent these days.  He loves to be outside.  He is not really saying many words other than "mama" and "dada", but he can get us to do what he wants. He will come over and grab our hand and lead us to where he wants us to go!  I know that everyone says once he starts talking he will never stop, but I just can't wait!  This month he has learned how to get on to the couch all by himself and has perfected getting down.  He has started loving to spin until he is dizzy (this makes me so nervous)!  He can go up and now come down the stairs.  One day he surprised me by getting on to our bed, for those of you that don't know...we have a really high bed, but we have a bench at the end.  He climbed onto the bench and then onto the bed and then I helped him down and he did it again and again!  It was like a jungle gym to him!   He loves phones, he will put them up to his ear and babble into it (hmmm wonder where he learned that from).  Yesterday he was so cute because I ask him where his nose was and he pointed to it and of course I got excited and he starte clapping it was so cute, so he will find his nose and then start clapping!  It is so cute!  This morning I was checking my email and he was watching Curious George and I looked over and he was laying on the ground so I went and laid next to him and he looked up and me and gave me a kiss.  My heart melted.  These are the moments that I just don't want to forget!  I know that I will wake up tomorrow and he will be 15.  He loves his daddy.  It is so cute to see him cuddle up to Matt.

15 Month Dr's check up ~ We headed to see Dr Tolkin yesterday.  Kellen is a healthy little boy!  He is tall and thin, just like most people want to be.  He is 22.75 inches and weighing in at 26 lbs 1 oz.  He got two shots yesterday and did so good.  He cried and looked at the nurse with a look like "what did I do to you" it was cute!  As soon as she walked out of the room he was fine!  It is so nice that he is healthy.  Since being home he has been sick once!  It is heaven!  It is so hard to have sick little ones.

Mr Kellen ~

You have given mommy such joy since the day your were born.  Daddy and I still look at each other and say"I can't believe we have a son".  We are in awe of all that you are learning and how much you are growing each day!  You are Mommy's little monkey and you keep me on my toes all day long!  It has been a blessing to be home with you.  Daddy wished that he could stay at home with you too!  :o)  We love you so much!  

Love Mommy

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  1. In the second pic he really looks like your mom. He is so handsome!! He is growing so fast!


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