What a day...

     I am so glad to say that this day is over and as soon as I finish this post I am off to bed (yes, I know it is not even 9 o'clock yet).  I have been excited and nervous about this day since I scheduled Kellen's surgery.  Today was the day that we got the phone call about the time!  I am excited about the 7:30 am time slot since Kellen will have to fast and so that we can get in and get it over with! 
     I had been also dreading it because Kellen's cough and runny nose have not gotten any better and I was worried that they would not do the surgery.  Since I already have Friday and Monday off this Thursday is perfect because I would get to be home with him for 5 days before sending him back to daycare...so I was worried that they would cancel it and I would not be able to spend that time with him!  I know that they say that he will bounce back really fast, but I just wanted to know that I would be able to be with him for more than just a weekend!!! 
     So I waited and waited...the phone call finally came the one time I did not take my cell phone with me when I left my office!  They left a message and I didn't get to talk to them about Kellen's cough and runny nose.  So I called the Surgeon's office and talked to them...they told me to call the anesthesiologist's office and talk to them.  Si I called them and  they ask me all these questions about his cough and what it sounded like and his runny nose...then told me to call my pediatrician's and check with them since we were told almost 3 weeks ago that he would have to wait it out and it could be 2-3 weeks before we saw any improvement (but we hadn't).  She was worried that we would get there on Thursday and they would send us home! 
     So then I called the pediatrician's and she gave my message to the nurse and told me that they would call back.  MORE waiting....I am just not very good at waiting.  I have been working on it, but if this was a test I failed BIG TIME!!!  Finally she called me back and we talked through everything.  She told me that the coughs have been lasting 6-8 weeks and that I should be fine, but if I wanted to play it safe then I could bring him in to get checked out!  SO I called Matt and my Mom and asked what I should do, when I already knew I wanted to take him in to get checked out, but just wanted someone to tell me that I had not lost my mind!  My mom agreed that it would be a good idea to go get him checked out. 
    So again I called the Pediatrician's office and asked if there was an appointment available for that afternoon!  My luck there was one at 4:10...just enough time for me to leave work drive to Kellen's daycare  pick him up and get back to Dr's.  I made it with 15 minutes to spare!  I got all checked in and I had to wait and wait and wait...After about 30 minutes past my appointment time the receptionist called me over to let me know that they had run into some issues with drawing some blood from a sick child and it would be a little while longer.  At that point I had to leave Kellen with her and go use the restroom...Kellen just hung out watching her work on the computer...they didn't want to give him back! 
    So once again I waited and waited and waited and finally after about an hour later Kellen's name was called!!!  Finally my wait was over...or so I thought!  Kellen weighed in at 21 lbs 3 oz.  Growing boy!!!  We got back to the room and waited some more...while waiting I hear the nurses talking amongst themselves talking about the child that they were trying to draw some blood from...I guess the mother had to hold her child down and after a big struggle they were able to draw some blood.  What a traumatic experience for mother and child!!!  I waited some more and the nurse finally came in just to let me know that it would be a while longer and apologized.  So I waited some more. 
    Finally she came in and told my that the Dr I was supposed to see would be a little bit longer, but there was another Dr available to see Kellen and asked if that would be okay.  WELL I was tired of waiting, but the Dr that was available was the Dr that ever so gently broke it to us (if you can't tell that is my way of typing in sarcasm) that Kellen had a hernia....after contemplating waiting for the other Dr  I decided against it.  Kellen was getting fussy and it was VERY hot in the room.  So the Dr came in checked his ears, nose, listened to him breath and then looked down his throat!  He told me that everything looked good and that if it were him operating he would put him under.  He told me to get Kellen up a little early and get him moving since Kellen sounds awful in the morning since all the junk kind of just sits there all night! 
    We have to be there at 6 am on Thursday so that means leaving our house around 5:15 am and we can't feed Kellen.  So keep us in your prayers that one Kellen is not to fussy when we don't give him his bottle, but wake him up early and stick saline and an aspirator up his nose and then take him into a steamy bathroom to help get the junk moving so that the anesthesiologist will be okay putting him under.  I am hoping some magic happens and his cough goes away!  :o)  So that was my day! 

Thank you for all of your prayers!!!  WE are so blessed to have such a great group of friends that surround us and a family that is right there for us when we need them!  Thanks again!  I am hoping to tweet throughout Thursday morning!  If I can figure out how to link it to my facebook, I will!  Thanks again!  I am off to my comfy bed!

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  1. Please know that I am nervous with you. I promise to pray for peace for you and Matt, wisdom for MD and quick recovery for Kellen. He is in God's hands. Love you and cant wait to get an update that all went well.


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