Happy 4th of July (a day late)!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! It was so nice to get to spend an extra day with the men of my life! We (Matt, me, Kellen and Grandma Dee) started off our 4th of July with the parade in Downtown Woodstock. It is a cute little parade that is used mostly as advertising for the local businesses. It was a lot of fun to watch...Kellen slept through most of the parade until the police came through with their sirens on and he awoke wide eyed! He enjoyed the rest of the parade. The it was back to house to get ready for a few friends! Jennifer, Charles, Glenn and Sarah and Matt's dad joined us for some burgers and good eats! We had plans to attend fireworks, but with Kellen teething and us lacking in the sleep department we decided to stay home. Maybe next year!

Kellen is growing so fast and learning new things everyday. He is so much fun to just watch. He has been teething and I have to say that he has been such a trooper. Both of his bottom teeth are poking through! He has been a little more fussy these days, but who wouldn't be!

Kellen is loving his veggies at night...so far he has tried sweet potato's, squash, carrots, sweet peas, green beans, and just added apple sauce ( I know not a veggie, but I have decided to add some fruit) to the mix. I really don't think that this boy will hate anything! :) He is like a little bird!

He is loving his bath time. We have started letting him sit in the water and he will just splash and kick those legs. It is so much fun to watch him, of course we get just as wet as him! :)

Grandma Dee is watching him this week, so I am sure they will have a lot of fun! I am sure they will read lots of books (one of Kellen's favorite things to do) and go for lots of walks! Kellen loves to be outside. One of his new things is he loves to be upside down. He was crying the other night and I put him upside down and he stopped crying and giggled, then I sat him back up and started crying so I put him upside down and he started giggling! He is a very silly boy! I think he might have his daddy's personality and mommy's temper....hungry or tired...watch out! :)

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  1. I cannot believe how big he is!!! Scott and I were saying he has to be double the size of SS...he is sooo handsome Steph. So glad that he will eat veggies for you...SS will only eat fruit and spits most of that out...errrr!!! I know you are loving mommyhood!!


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